Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools:

Today I will discuss the top 10 digital marketing tools which are most effective in 2019 and 2020.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools
Digital Marketing Tools

Here I am giving the list of top 10 digital marketing tools and will describe each tool in detail.

  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)
  • FB marketing
  • Youtube marketing
  • Google Ads
  • FB Ads
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog and Articles
  • Bulk email
  • Bulk SMS


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very well known word to the digital world.

Just think, when we search for anything in the search engine, it may be an article or product or news, we just put 2 or 3 words on the search bar and got thousands of results. Now which articles or products are within the top 5, naturally, we visit those sites. Those sites get much traffic.

Now the question is how they come within the top 5, they just do SEO (search engine optimization).


Why You Need SEO:

You need SEO for more customers, branding and business growth.

Just think in this way; you opened a shop in a forest where is no customer. But if this shop is in a village you will get some customers. If this shop location is in a metropolitan area than your shop will boost.

Without the SEO website is just like the shop in a forest. Doing a few steps of SEO is the shop in the village. Investment in SEO is just like BOOOM.  It will increase your customers, visitors, sales in a dramatic way.


How To Do SEO:

SEO is a very easy task if you understand the process. But if you don’t understand the process, then it is really very tough job. Always remember 1 thing that, SEO is very much related to the website design. So, if your website design is not good or SEO friendly then ranking on the 1st page of the search engine will be very difficult for that site.

So, my suggestion is before developing any website always think about SEO. If web developers and SEO experts work together, those sites easily rank on the 1st page of the search engine.

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Steps to SEO:

  • Keywords Research
  • Meta Description
  • Content/Article writing
  • Image Optimization/SEO
  • External Link building
  • Internal Link building
  • Backlinks building
  • Social Networking
  • Bookmarking
  • Guest comments/answering


Tips for Keyword Research:

There are many ways for keywords research. You can use paid tools also. Just install any paid tool which you like and start keyword research. Tools will suggest your keywords.

But I will show you how to find proper keywords in organic ways.

OS Digital World

  • Install Keywords Everywhere bar on your Google menu bar.
  • Now you have to customize the search value and CPC (cost per click). Search value shows how many people search the specific keyword on google. CPC shows you the google ads value.
  • Keywords Everywhere also show you the competition of specific keywords.
  • Always remember that high search value and high competition value keywords are more difficult to rank on the 1st page on the search engine
  • So choose those keywords which are medium search value, low in competition and high in CPC.

If you follow the above points for keywords, then your keywords will be perfect for ranking on search engines like Google or Bing.


Meta Description For Website:

The meta description is short and should focus on the description of the articles. Who read the meta description should understand what describe in the article. It should be within 150 characters and give the focus on the keywords.


Content Writing Tips for SEO:

Content writing is the most important for SEO. If your content is unique and readable score is high then it is guaranteed that you can rank easily on Google. Now I will give you some tips for content writing.

  • Always write a unique article/content.
  • Never copy from another article
  • Your article/content should be readable.
  • Always write in such a way that your traffic or visitors feel interested to read your article/content. Otherwise, traffic will nor stay on your site.
  • Focus your keywords in the 1st line of the article.
  • Don’t use keywords more. Google doesn’t like it.
  • Try to make your articles/contents above 1000 words for blog sites.
  • For an e-commerce site, content should be within 300 words.
  • Try to give some references in the articles.
  • Write the main points with the bulleted list or numbered list.
  • Use article/content related images or demographic within the articles.
  • Give some footnotes.
  • Always give FAQ in the last paragraph of your articles.


Image Optimization for Web:

When we see any image on the search engines and click on that, we can go directly to that website which is the owner of that image or containing that image. This is called image optimization for the web. It is very important for load speed. When your website load speed is good that means it is SEO friendly.

Now I will show you the process of image optimization.

  • First, take a unique image that is not available on the search engines.
  • If not possible then take a free image or paid image from Shutterstock.
  • The image should be article related.
  • Now resize the image so that it is within 50kb.
  • If not possible to make the image within 50kb, then use plugins or tools.
  • Write an Alt text for that image which similar to the keywords.
  • Now give a title and description to the image.
  • Set the link to the image so that when anyone clicks on that image from the search engines, he can go directly to that website.
  • Set the address link into the image.

That’s it. All complete of image optimization.


How To Get External Links To My Website:

Getting external links is not very difficult, because with these external links other websites are getting traffic from your website. So, getting external links is much easier. But always remember the below points before making any external links.

  • Try to do external links of those sites who are higher in DA and PA.
  • Make the external links as a reference for the blog sites.
  • External links should be similar subjects, products, niche.
  • Always try to make external links as no-follow links.
  • Try to put the external links at the bottom of your article.
  • Remember, do follow external links bring traffic to other sites from your site.
  • No-follow links can’t take traffic to other sites.
  • Never make more than 2 external links in a post/page.


How To Build Internal Links for SEO:

Internal links are those links that are linking in the same website or blog, it is just linking one page to another page or one post to another post. So, always make internal links with a similar post or page.

Example: You are doing SEO for a blog site whose articles are about health. Here the writer written 2 articles, one is about honey and its benefits and another is about chia seeds and its benefits. If you make internal links within these two articles or posts, it will look bad. You have to make internal links within the same subject honey or chia seeds.


How to Build Backlinks for New Website:

Backlinks are very important for a new website ranking on the search engines. If you can build a few backlinks with good DA and PA, you can easily rank higher on the search engines. Without pay getting backlinks from good DA and PA sites is almost impossible. You have to pay some amount for getting backlinks from an authority site. Authority sites are selling backlinks for a year. If you want without paying authority site backlinks, just leave a comment at that site with your link address. When that site approves your comment, you will get the backlink.

But it will take a long time. So, always spend some time to build backlinks.


Importance of Social Networking:

Social networking is a very big platform for getting traffic on your website. Nowadays people are more involved in social media. So if you can make social networking for your website, it will boost your ranking on search engines. But remember one thing, try to make social networking with web 2.0. Because web 2.0 social network allows you to build backlinks. Which is not possible with web 3.0 like facebook. But facebook can always give you big traffic.


Example of Social Networking with Web 2.0:

Blog, Weebly, Tumblr, youtube, all can give you a big traffic boost with backlinks. These can improve your DA and PA also.


Online Bookmarking Sites:

Bookmarking can always give you traffic to your website. That is why bookmarking is an important part of SEO.

So do bookmark on social sites like Pinterest,  we heart it, pocket, Digg, Dribbble, Slashdot, Reddit, Flipboard, Fark, etc.

These bookmarking social sites will make your website high in the DA and PA. Also, you will get good traffic from here.


Guest Comments:

Guest comments or guest posting is a good way of getting traffic to your website. It is also helpful for the DA and PA. Always do good comments on the blog with your web address. When your comments approved, you will get a backlink also from that blog, which can improve your DA and PA.

If you follow the above steps you will get good traffic to your website.

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Facebook Marketing For Small Business:

Facebook is very popular for new and small business marketing. Many people are working on it and doing well. Facebook marketing is popular in terms of f-commerce.

Facebook is a place where everyone is connecting with their friends and family. Millions of people visit FB every day. It is a very big platform for traffic/visitor/customer.


How to Use Facebook for Business:

Before starting your business on Facebook, you have to create a unique business page, where you will display or promote your products or services.

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  • Your business page should be simple, small and unique in design and name.
  • Set a header image on the page.
  • Write unique content within 100 words about your business/products/services.
  • Set your business hour. Within this hour you or your employee should attend to your customer.
  • Set the page manager. Here you can chat with your customers just like the messengers. Also can see customers’ comments, views and like.
  • Invite your friends and families to like your page. Who likes or follows your page, can see your post. So, you have to increase your page likes and followers.
  • If your friend list is not big then you can promote your page for increasing your page likes and followers. Here you have to remember one thing, there are many facebook promoters who can give you false likes or followers. So you have to select the right promoter for getting genuine likes or followers.
  • Start for the post on your page. Your post should be small, unique and point about your services or products.
  • Always share your post to similar facebook groups to reach more traffic. You can boost your post also for more traffic.
  • Now, wait for the customers’ feedback. If your content, product/services are unique, customers must knock or message to you.
  • Always try to respond to your customers’ message, comments within 10 minutes for increasing your sales.
  • Continue your post or videos with new content. Your business will boost.

This is the way how you can grow your business through facebook. If your page is active and popular enough, you can monetize your page and can earn money from facebook.


Youtube Marketing:

Nowadays youtube is a very big source of traffic/visitor/customer. That is why online marketers are very active on youtube.

Youtube is a kind of social platform where people share their videos. Millions of viewers visit youtube every day. In this way, youtube becomes a big platform for showing your products or services.


Importance of Youtube Marketing:

Can you any channel name where every moment millions of viewers are active! No TV channel is there. Yes, it is youtube.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools
Youtube Marketing

So, if you want to sell anything may be any product or service, just show that to youtube. You can get a big audience. You can’t get this much audience from any other source like newspaper ads, tv ads or billboards. That’s why youtube marketing becomes more popular for your business growth.

How to do Youtube Marketing:

  • Before start youtube marketing you must open your youtube account.
  • Make a video of your products and services.
  • Describe clearly about your products and services.
  • Put your online address, shop/office address, phone no. on the video you make.
  • Open a youtube channel.
  • Now upload your video to your youtube channel.
  • Share this video to various social sites.
  • Do SEO for your youtube channel.
  • Make a link with your online address.

Now feel the changes. Your business will boost. You can do paid advertising also for youtube. It is very low-cost advertising compare to conventional advertising methods. Paid advertising will boost your sales/customers fast.


What is Google Ads:

Google ads is an advertising platform. In every second 2.3 million searches performed on Google. Most of the search result pages include Google Ads.

Google Ads

When people search for any keywords on google then google shows the result where 10 results contained on a page. When keywords match with ads then google show paid result on the top. After then all are organic. Google ads not only show on the search engine result but also shows on the websites where absence is approved.

So when you do pay to advertise for your keywords, your keywords, products, services will show on the search engine result and on the websites where the keywords are matched.

In this way, you can get more traffic, which can boost your sales. If you think about the expenditure of google ads, I can tell you that it is a very minimal cost compared to conventional advertising.


What is Google My Business:

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Google my business is a Google service where you can open an account to show your products or services. This service is similar to the facebook page. But in Google My Business service you will get some extra benefits. Also, it has some limitations.


Benefits of Google My Business:

Here I will show you how to google my business give you benefits.

  • You can show your products or services on google.
  • Your products or services will show on google search engine.
  • Google search engine will show your business address on the search result with google maps.
  • You will get a free website from Google my business with free hosting.
  • Your business phone number will show on Google.
  • You can understand your competitors from Google my business insight.
  • Will get free email address for your business.
  • You will get visitors, traffic, customers from your Google My Business account.


Affiliate Marketing Definition:

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising system where an online marketer or website pays commission to the external websites for the sales generated or traffic from its referrals.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Just think, you want to buy Nike shoes. You don’t need to go to the Nike store or the Nike website. There are many websites who are selling Nike products by affiliate sales programs. If you click on any Nike product from an external website, it will bring you to the Nike website directly. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is now very popular as an online earning method as well as traffic generation and sales boost. In the affiliate marketing system both brands, advertisers, affiliate marketers, and consumers get benefits.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • eBay Affiliate Program
  • Shareasale
  • Market health  

The above list is the very big names in the affiliate marketing programs.


Blog and Article Writing:

Top 10 digital marketing tools

The blog is a kind of website where we get lots of information about products, services, places, images, health, etc.

It is a great way of marketing. In this digital world, we all are habituated to read blogs and articles online. When we read about anything which is good for our health, we become interested in that and try to use it. Now just think, you are reading a blog about honey and its benefits. If there any honey brand linked in the blog, you will be interested in that brand. Most of the traffic buy the product when reading blogs about that product. And obviously by building an external link into the blog or making an affiliate program the said product’s website gets much traffic.

Blog and article writing is a stablished way of getting customers, doing advertisements, doing affiliate sales.


Bulk Email Services:

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Bulk email is a way of marketing services. Every day we get many emails from many companies with whom we have no contact. But they send emails to us. This is called a bulk email service. In this marketing system, we get an email with information about products/services, its benefits, sales offer, why we should use this, etc. With this bulk email service, we get many customers, traffic to your stores, websites.


Bulk SMS Services:

In this digital world, we all are using cell phones. All the time it is attached to us. Digital marketing companies are taking advantage of it. They are sending various types of promotional SMS to us round the day.

Nowadays bulk SMS becomes a great way of digital marketing. Almost all cosmopolitan brands using this SMS service and it becomes very popular. They offering their promotional services to us. We all see these SMS and when we feel interested in any offer we click to that and go to the website directly.

Using this bulk SMS services brands are getting more traffic, customers and their sales are booming.

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