Why You Should Hire Digital Marketing Expert:

Can you tell me, why you should not hire a digital marketing expert in 2020?
No, you can’t show me any logical reason. But I can show you a lot of reasons to hire digital marketing experts or consultants.
Marketing World

Before reading this article, just guess how many viewers are watching the BBC or CNN on tv and how many visitors are searching for a piece of news on Google. I know nobody can’t guess. But one thing is clear that in every second 24 million visitors are searching their required topics on Google. If you consider all other search engines it will be over 40 million. Just imagine the visitors in every second on the search engines. Now calculate the social media engagement.
Can you imagine how much traffic engagement in every second in all online platforms?
In this topic, I will show you the conventional marketing systems and the reasons to hire digital marketing experts or consultants.

Conventional Marketing Systems:

Almost all the manufacturing companies are following conventional marketing systems till today. Whatever they manufacture, pharmaceuticals to ship or toothbrush to refrigerators everything is selling by the conventional marketing systems.
What manufacturers are doing?
They just hire a marketing boss in the field of conventional marketing systems. Doing research on the market demand, offer some promotions, giving some facilities to the dealers or sellers, field executives are visiting customers door to door and sell their products.
Till today manufacturers are fully depending on the conventional marketing system except for tech bosses like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. 
But you know the tech bosses like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba are getting more sales day by day without following conventional marketing system. Whereas big American supermarkets like Sears, Kmart or Walmart are closing their stores. 

What You Will Get From The Digital Marketing Experts:

  • Game-changing strategy
  • Ensuring online presence
  • You will get the right target audience
  • Know their behavior
  • Marketing expertise
  • Technology and tools
  • Evaluate competition
  • Reduce marketing cost


Game-changing Strategy:

Marketing Concept
A digital marketing expert can change the total scenario of your business. If you are a local entrepreneur, you can be a global entrepreneur by appointing a digital marketing expert.
Now you are selling your product only in Newyork city. After appointing a digital marketer you can reach around the USA, Canada even the world. You should not worried about the supply chain also.
Example: Whitewater Honey. They are a local entrepreneur in Canada. But now they can sell their products around the globe.
In the conventional marketing system, you have to invest a lot in setting branches and supply chain management for countrywide presence. 

Ensuring Online Presence:

A digital marketing expert can ensure your online presence, which is not possible by the conventional marketing system.
A conventional marketing system may confirm your FB page and website. But this is not enough. Only the website or FB page can’t bring your traffic, visitors, customers.
There are billions of websites in the cloud. But all are not getting traffic. Only a few websites are getting traffic, customers who are working on SEO (a Digital Marketing tool).
At the same time, you may have a social presence but not getting customers, visitors for a lack of knowledge in the digital field. 

Reduce Marketing Cost:

Digital marketing steps can reduce your marketing costs dramatically. Think about Amazon, they are selling products in every corner in the world. But they didn’t set up distribution points or establishments or supply chain management in every corner.
Now think about Lever Brothers, they have distributions points in every corner. Now they are not booming like the early ’80s or ’90s.
Some supermarkets already shut down their doors as they could not reducing establishment costs. 

Select The Right Target Audience:

In every second millions of the audience are visiting online platforms. Without expertise in the digital world, we can’t select our audience.
Target Customers
Almost all conventional marketers are doing this mistake. Selecting the target audience/customers in the online platform sounds easy, but it is more difficult than selecting customers in the conventional marketing system.
A digital marketing consultant or expert can confirm the right audience will visit your online platforms. 

Analysis of User Behavior:

Analysis of users’ behavior playing a big role to make the marketing strategy. Both conventional marketing and digital marketing needs an analysis of the customers’ behavior. Conventional marketing and digital marketing both are different techniques.
So when you want to analysis your digital traffics’ behavior you need special tools and techniques. Which knows digital marketing experts only. 

Digital Marketing Expertise:

Digital marketing expertise is a special type of expertise which is not the same as conventional marketing. If FB page and websites are enough for digital marketing then everybody can be Alibaba or Amazon.
You need experts’ opinions, techniques, and tools for boosting your sales on the next level. Which you can get only from the digital marketing experts or consultants. 

Marketing Techniques And Tools

There are many techniques and tools in the digital marketing world. Only experts can decide which techniques and tools are appropriate for your products or services.
Without experts’ advice, your investment may lay down in this field.
Example: Social media are great tools for digital marketing. Facebook and blogs both are social media. In Bangladesh, people don’t use blogs and in the USA people are much engaged in blogs. Now if you are selling your products or services in Bangladesh and select a blog as your social media tool, it will not work. 

Evaluate Competitions:

In the conventional marketing systems competitions are open to all. Everyone knows their competitors, their policies, weakness, strong areas. In the Digital World, where and how your competitors are coming and what steps they are taking are not open.
That’s why you need an expert or consultant to evaluate competitions and competitors in the digital galaxy. 


Now let’s talk about some incidents, why you need to be updated as per market trends.
Look at the Nokia, in the feature phone era they were the market leader and enjoyed 60% market share. In the starting time of the smartphone, Nokia didn’t use android technology and now they are not even in the 5th position.
Now, look at the apple. In the early 90s, they were the market leader in the computer market. But windows took that place. Then apple’s business was going down. When they bring the iPhone, they just boom and now they are the top of the tech world.
What will happens after launching Apple’s TV Plus? 
There are many reasons to hire digital marketing experts, I just talk about a very few. For more information please stay with us.

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