How to Find Out a Good Niche for Affiliate Business:

Almost every day I get a question “how to find out a good niche for affiliate business?”. There are many people you can see who become successful in the affiliate marketing business. On the other hand, many people failed in the affiliate business.

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The success and failure in the affiliate marketing business depend on a few keys and niche is one of the main keys.

Today I will show you, how you can find out a profitable niche for affiliate business. Before starting to find a good niche you should have some knowledge on the following points:

  • How the affiliate program works:

When you are looking for a good niche, you definitely heard about affiliate programs. But many of you don’t know how it works. The affiliate program offers you commission for the referral. When you refer traffic to the affiliate program offer’s site and that traffic completes the action, you will get a commission. Some affiliate programs offer a commission on sales and some offer on PPA (pay per action).

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  • On what topic you have enough knowledge:

For doing affiliate business, you need a good knowledge of any subject. Because, in the affiliate business, you need to update your niche regularly.

For example, you love to cook. You can write some articles on cooking and can sale cook wear or kitchen materials by affiliate programs on your blog. In this case, you can give update information, reviews about cook wear or kitchen materials to your visitors. This updated information will make a big difference between you and other affiliate marketers.

Profitable Niche

  • How to choose the niche:

On which subject you have interest or knowledge, you should choose that niche. Please check the affiliate program offer on Google before selecting your niche. There are different commission offer between niches.

Search value is also a matter. If your niche or subject has no search on the search engine, no matter how good your niche is, you can’t make money.

For finding a good niche I will show you some free tools. These tools will help you to choose a good niche.

  • Google Trends:

Google trends is Google tools who analyze the search queries on the search engine across the various regions, languages, and countries. These tools show you the search trends and popularity among the countries and seasons.

How to use Google Trends:

You should use Google trends only to check search popularity or trends among the countries.

Google trends
Google Trends

For example, you are living in Europe and want to start a niche for an affiliate program. Your interest is in fishing. Now write the word “fishing” in the Google trends. It will show you all the data about searching keywords “fishing”. In which season people search “fishing” more in Google.

In which region people are more engaged in these keywords, what they are looking for – image, news or something else. You can see the data from 2004 to till date, 12 months duration period, 1 month duration period, even 24 hours duration period.

All these data will help to choose the right niche.


  • Keywords Planner:

Keywords planner is a Google tools. It helps you to find the right keywords, search value, CPC, competition, etc. But when you are looking for good niche for passive income, you should not use all the data, what you are getting from here.

You should use only 3 data from here.

Keywords Planner
Keywords Planner
  1. Keywords suggestion
  2. Search value
  3. CPC

Always try to choose those keywords whose search value is below 1000. Below 1000 search value keywords is always easier for ranking.

Now, look at the CPC. High CPC means high income from Google AdSense.

You must choose those keywords, whose CPC is highest among your targeted search value, which is below 1000.

  • SEOquake:

You have already chosen your niche and keywords. Now you need to check the keywords difficulties or competition. For checking keywords difficulties or competition you need tools.

There are many paid and free tools for checking keywords’ difficulties.

SEOquake and Ubersuggest both are very good and effective tools for checking keywords difficulties or competition. Naturally, I use SEOquake. But you can use ubersuggest also.

Both tools can help you to improve your SEO. But here you use to check your keywords difficulties.

Always choose less difficulty or fewer competition keywords. That will help you to rank on the first page.

So, finally, you should target those keywords that have fewer competitions, high CPC, and search value below 1000.


Here I have tried to give you advice, how you can find a good and profitable niche for your affiliate marketing business. If you have any queries, you can ask me directly in the comments.

I have written another article “how to start a profitable affiliate marketing”, that will also help to set up your affiliate business. For doing SEO or digital marketing you can check my other articles.

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How to Find Out a Good Niche for Affiliate Marketing
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