How You Can Move On in the Social Lockdown

COVID 19 makes us social lockdown around the globe. Now the big question is how you can move on in the social lockdown situation.

In the last four months, corona spread over the world and total infected patient to till date 20/03/20 is over two hundred thousand plus and death toll rise 11 thousand plus.

Impact of Social Lockdown

Around the world, all schools, colleges, universities are close down. Some schools are running online classes. Almost all the hotels and restaurants around the globe are shutdown. Airlines are canceling their flight schedule. Many countries already banned international flights up to the end of March’2020.

Many people have become jobless in this situation especially those who were working in hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Indian national carrier already declared unpaid vacation to their employee as the social lockdown situation is continuing.  

Multinational corporations and local corporations suspended their offices and advised to work from home to their employee.

Many top brands stopped their production in their production plants in China, India, and Bangladesh due to this crisis.

Stock markets and bond markets are losing their index continuously all over the world.

Many supermarkets shut down their outlets in many areas.

We can’t allow our planet to black out. We have to find out the solutions.

How We Can Overcome in this Situation

Till now we are seeing only government level steps to overcome the situation. But we need to fight altogether. Australia has cut the interest rate, the EU declared 820 bn dollars stimulate packages, USA declared few billion dollars packages. But is this enough for the recovery?

Only governments’ financial support is not enough to recover this situation as production and sales are going down and unemployment is rising.

How You Can Move On In the Social Lockdown

When you are unemployed in the social lockdown or you have shut down your local business due to social lockdown, we have responsibilities to move the wheel.

Let’s see the tips about how you can move on in the social lockdown.

  • Start blogging and share your experience.
  • Just start offering service (that you can provide) online
  • Start learning online
  • Build your virtual social network

All the above points can help us to move forward.

Start Blogging and Share Your Experience

Blogging is a great way of sharing your knowledge and ideas. As you were working people, you have enough experience. Now you are lockdown in your home. So, you can utilize this time by start blogging and sharing your ideas.

People will be benefitted from your knowledge and experience. You will also get knowledge from other people.

Can You Consider Blogging as a Full Time Profession
Can You Consider Blogging as a Full-Time Profession

On the other hand, blogging is a great way of earning money online. It can be a passive income source for you.  

Offer Services (What You Can Provide)

As you are a professional, you must have a special quality. Start offering your special quality online. You will not get the result right now, but it will not take a long time.

For example:

If you know cooking recipes, take some images of your cooking recipes and offer online for homemade food service.

You can offer an online cooking course also. If you have any other specialized quality like you are good in math, accounting, physics, you can offer online courses. You can offer art or design courses, graphic design, web design and development, digital marketing courses if you have enough knowledge.

Hotels, restaurants, and airlines can’t operate their business. If you are a hospitality service provider of one of those sectors, you can offer hospitality management courses online.

If you’re a specialist in DIY, you can offer online services, or you can make the customized products in your home and deliver it to the customers.

You can start e-commerce, online marketplace, or can join in the online marketplaces like Amazon.

In this world, there are many people who want to learn 2nd or 3rd language. You can offer online language courses, what language you know.

Online is such a type of platform, where you can do many types of work. I am telling that you can start earning right now, but it can be the first step to move on in this social lockdown situation.

Learn Online

As you are lockdown in your home in the social lockdown situation, this is the right time to enrich your knowledge. Start learning something that can help you to earn money online from home, or that can give you a passive income source.

How You Can Move On in the Social Lockdown Situation
How You Can Move On in the Social Lockdown Situation

You can learn graphic design, web design, and development, digital marketing. This knowledge will help you to earn money from your home.

Multi-language skills can give you superiority in the job market as well as the business world. You can enrich your knowledge by learning multi-language from online courses in this social lockdown situation.

You can learn any other special skills like cooking recipes, custom design of apparel, bags, shoes, cabinet, etc.

When you have multilevel skills, you don’t need to depend on one job. You can do many works and can earn money.

Building Virtual Social Networks

Building virtual social networks is very important for moving on in the social lockdown situation.

As COVID 19 makes us socially lockdown, and we are just lockdown in our home, we need to share our knowledge and views with others.

Seo And Digital Marketing Expert In Bangladesh

Virtual social networks are the best places to share knowledge and views. By developing social networks, you can get ideas on how to move on in the social lockdown situation.

Building virtual networks can give you opportunities to earn money online or from home.

End Words

Coronavirus makes us socially lockdown. Millions of people already become unemployed or jobless. Supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, airlines, manufacturing plants, all become stopped. The world economy is going down.

In this situation, only government support or government fund can’t bring up our economy.

Move on from home is the best way to recover the situation. It is not only for ourselves, but it will also help our society, our country, and the globe.

Now move on from home is needed for our humanity.   

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How You Can Move On in the Social Lockdown
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How You Can Move On in the Social Lockdown
COVID 19 makes us social lockdown around the globe. Now the big question is how you can move on in the social lockdown situation.
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