Stuck at Home – The Best Way to Make This Time Valuable

Are you stuck at home?

Actually, around the globe, almost everyone is stuck at home right now. So, you are not the only one who stuck at home. Millions of people will be jobless within the next few months. We have to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for an unexpected situation.

Many business organizations will shut down within the next few months if the situation will continue.

Now the question is how we can make this time more valuable and prepare ourselves for the coming economic crisis.

I have some ideas about making this time (stuck at home) more valuable.

Let’s see how we can utilize this time:

  • Read Books and Enrich Your Knowledge
  • Share Your Knowledge and Ideas
  • Learn Something New
  • Build Your Networks

Read Books and Enrich Your Knowledge

This is the right time to enrich your knowledge.

The Holy Quran is the best book to enrich your knowledge. This is the one and only true book on this planet. The Almighty sent his messages to us through the Holy Quran. If you read the Quran and follow it, your life will change dramatically.

You can also read books, blogs, and articles from thousands of online platforms. Books, blogs, and articles can help you to improve your knowledge and views. Who knows, after enriching your knowledge, you may become a popular entrepreneur, writer, blogger or director.

Share Your Knowledge and Ideas

You have many ideas, experiences, and knowledge that may help others (Most of the men’s interest is to share their knowledge and ideas). Start your own blog today and share your experience, ideas, and knowledge with others. It is not only that you are sharing your knowledge; people will also give their valuable comments in the comment box of your blog. Their comments will also help you to enrich your knowledge.

Blogging can make you popular if you have any special knowledge, that many people don’t know.

How You Can Start Blogging

Starting a blog is not very difficult. Blogspot, Medium, Minds, Wix, Weebly, all are free places to start your blog. Just open an account there and start sharing your experience and views. You can also buy a domain and hosting to start a blog website. In that case, you can use WordPress. It is easy to use, user friendly, and low maintenance cost.

After starting your blog, just share your articles to the social platforms. You will get traffic to your blog. For getting organic traffic you can do search engine optimization (SEO).

Learn Something New

This is the right time to learn something new as you are totally stuck at your home. If you can make this time valuable, you will be more valuable after passing the emergency situation (COVID 19).

What You Can Learn in This Stuck at Home Situation?

Stuck at Home – Make This Time Valuable
Stuck at Home – Make This Time Valuable
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Designing
  • Software Customizing
  • Cyber Security
  • Animation
  • Yoga
  • Cooking

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a great career and you can earn money from home if you have SEO knowledge. So, you can easily start learning SEO from online courses. Many SEO agencies offering online courses where you can learn SEO. You can also learn SEO from blogs and eBooks also.

The demand for SEO experts will increase day by day as online working, blogs, eCommerce are increasing. So, if you can learn SEO within this time it can boost your career also.

Digital Marketing

You can learn digital marketing in this stuck at home situation. Digital marketing is a very important part of marketing. It is growing day by day. If you learn digital marketing within this “stay at home” time, it will be a great achievement for you and this will boost your career.

You can earn money online from working at home when you have enough knowledge of digital marketing. The demand for digital marketing is increasing regularly as all the local businesses start an online presence.

No matter if you have lost your job in this stuck at home situation, digital marketing can be a good alternative profession for you.


If you love art or design, you can learn to design from online courses. You can start your own designing studio from your home after learning to design. What we are using, everywhere needs design. You can start fashion design, bags, and shoe design, furniture design, logo, banner, etc.

So, if you face an unemployment problem in this COVID 19 attack, designing can be a good alternative choice for you.

Software Customizing

Almost all corporate bodies use customizes software for their business management. You can learn software customizing from online courses. It will help you to boost your career.

The demand for software customizing is increasing. If you utilize the time “stay at home” to learn software customizing, it may help you to find an alternative career if you face an unemployment problem.


The demand for cybersecurity specialist is increasing very fast as we are seeing that cyber-attack, cyber-crime is increasing day by day.

A cybersecurity specialist is a good career opportunity. You can learn cybersecurity works online. It will be helpful for you in the future for boosting your career.

Animated Video

The animation video is one of the most popular ways of engaging traffic to a business. Many corporate bodies use animated video to promote their products. You can learn to build an animation video from online courses and videos. After learning to make animation videos, you can start your own online business, where you will make animated videos for commercial organizations. It also can be a second earning channel for you.


As you are stuck at home now in the COVID 19 attack, now time to make your body fit. Yoga is one of the best ways to be fit and healthy when you are staying at home.

So, learn yoga online and practice it. It will help you in your whole life.


Cooking is always an interesting and funny method of passing your time. In the coronavirus attack, most people are now under the “stay at home” situation. You can learn many national and international cooking recipes from online courses or YouTube channels.

You can try the popular recipes in your home now and when the lockdown situation will withdraw, you can offer online food service and can start your second earning channel.

End Words

Around the globe, people are lockdown and stuck at home. All of us are passing a very tough time. But it is necessary to stay at home for our and others’ safety. It is really a very difficult passing time and staying at home.

I just share my ideas so that we can make our time more valuable and stay at home. You can do many other things to make this time valuable and share it with others.   

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Stuck at Home – Make This Time Valuable
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Stuck at Home – Make This Time Valuable
I just share my ideas so that we can make our time more valuable and stay at home. You can do many other things to make this time valuable and share it with others.
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