Digital Maktab

Digital Maktab

Learn Quran Online at Digital Maktab

Learn Quran Online with our digital Maktab. We are digitising the Maktab experience. Learn in an innovative and interactive group environment. Now it is easier to learn Quran online. We have an experienced Arabic teacher.

The Quran is the only truth. Allah gives us the Quran so that we can live our life on the truth. Everyone should learn the Quran properly.

The Quran is the holy book where you can get every type of knowledge whatever you need.

What Courses are We Offering?

We are offering students the opportunity to learn the reading of the Quran starting from the Qaida and finishing at the end of the Quran including memorizing suras needed for prayers. Learning prayer also included in the course.

Time and Days:

Our course will start in February 2020. We will run the course 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) at 6.00 am (GMT+6), 7.00 pm (EST) and course duration 30 minutes in a day. The class size will be only one to one student. This is to ensure that each student receives an optimal amount of attention from the instructor. The classes continue throughout the year with brief gaps for the two Eids.

Our Fees:

We are offering USD 55.00 per month per student. If 2 students from one family then the course fee will be USD 45.00 per month per student and 3 students from a family, course free will be USD 40 per month per student.


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