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SEO Case Study – Rank Without Backlinks

The SEO case study is always very helpful for SEO professionals. As I have been working in the SEO industry for the last 4-5 years, I want to share my experience and thoughts with my audiences about how I rank without backlinks.

Today I will share 2 SEO case studies with you. In both cases, the target keywords ranked without backlinks.

Let’s jump into the deep:

In the mid of July 2021, one of my clients came to me for ranking their keywords on the 1st page of Google, target country Bangladesh.

Local SEO Case Studies

As per the client’s target audience, it is local SEO. I have checked their website as per local SEO requirements and found that they just made a website, no SEO work has been done.

But the main challenge was, the website was built on PHP. I don’t know the PHP language, the client’s budget is very tight to hire a PHP developer. But they have a guy to manage the website.

So, I meet the guy and asked him whether he can change the Meta Title, Meta Description, and other on-page SEO works as per my direction. The guy confirmed to me that he can do the job.

Things I have done

First, I have done the keywords research for the local SEO. I gave the keywords suggestions (the keywords are only for Bangladesh) to my client and they confirmed to me 4 keywords for ranking.

After keywords ranking, I asked to create content focusing on the target keywords. In the meantime, I wrote down the Meta Title, Meta description, Image Title, Image Alt text, Image description, H2, H3 tags, etc.

After 3 times of reviews, we have finalized the content.

Now is time to work on zoom for on-page SEO. I called that guy and fixed a time for a zoom meeting.

In the zoom meeting, I gave the Meta Title, Meta Description, content, image title, description, and Alt text. He inserted all the things perfectly with my advice in the zoom call.

After completing the on-page SEO, I checked the load speed of the website. The loading speed for the PC was perfect but the mobile load speed was really very poor.

I talked to the website admin about solving this issue. He tried to improve mobile load speed but failed. Then we contact the Evanto marketplace, as the site was brought from there.

They give us guidelines and the website admin solve the mobile load speed issue.  

What is next?

Now I add the website to the Google Search Console. We didn’t do any off-page SEO work for this site except social sharing.

After 45 days we got 3 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google.

What were the tricks for this case

In this project, we have focused on research and study. We found keywords that are very easy to rank for the local SEO. Search volume was also good for those keywords.

We understood that if we can create quality content and do proper on-page SEO, we can easily get the keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google. Because all the competitors are from India, no one was from Bangladesh. As we are doing local SEO, Bangladeshi websites will get ranking easily.

We have created informative content, that will be helpful for the target audience. We did all on-page SEO perfectly such as Meta title optimization, Meta description, H2, H3 tags, keywords distribution, category, tags selection, image optimization, using right image alt text, image title, etc.

Another SEO Case Study Example

Another SEO case study example is an article on this website.

I wanted to write about branding. So I did keywords research and found a keyword that has some search volume and low competition.

As I am writing articles for many years, I was confident that with quality content and proper on-page SEO, the article can rank.

Though I know about branding as an internet marketing professional, I read many blogs about branding and wrote in my own way.

I wrote the content on the difference between branding and marketing.

I tried to write in detail on the topic, so that, the audience can understand it clearly.

Then I published the article on my blog with proper Meta Title, Meta Description, Image Title, Alt text, Description, URL optimization, using proper category, tags, and doing perfect internal linking.

That’s it.

What is next?

After publishing the article, I just submit the URL to the Search Console for faster indexing. For the said article I didn’t do any off-page SEO work except social sharing.

SEO Case Study Example
SEO Case Study Example

It was just 15 days, I have published the article and now it is enjoying ranking no. 7 on the 1st page of Google.

What Tricks I have Applied in this Case?

Study and research helped me in this case. I wrote informative content about the difference between branding and direct marketing. This case again proves that content is the king.

All the on-page optimization was done perfectly such as, Meta title, Meta description, Image title, Image alt text, Image description, URL optimization, category, tags selection, using H2, H3 tags properly, distributing keywords properly, etc.

End Words

The 2 SEO case studies again prove that you can rank your keywords on the 1st page of Google with high-quality content and perfect on-page optimization. You can also try these tips for your SEO works.

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SEO Case Study - Ranking without backlinks
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SEO Case Study - Ranking without backlinks
The SEO case study is always very helpful for SEO professionals. As I’m working in the SEO industry for the last 4-5 years, I want to share my experience and thoughts with my audiences.
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