Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Digital marketing strategy for small businesses is different from the corporate business houses. Small businesses need a low investment marketing strategy. In this article, I will explain how to develop a digital marketing strategy for small businesses and what digital marketing strategy is viable for which type of business.

Marketing strategy is not magic. It can’t give you immediate results but in the long run, it can give you good results.

Let’s jump into the deep:

How to Build Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

First, you have to select the demography for building the digital marketing strategy of your small business. Check the below points for selecting the demography:

  • Who are your target customers
  • What is the age group of your target audience
  • Online habit of the target audience
  • Their profession
  • Where they live
  • Their interest
  • Their education

Who are Your Target Customers

Targeting customers or audience is the most important part of building a perfect digital marketing strategy for a business. If you do any mistakes to target your audience, your total effort for digital marketing strategy will go down.

Example: Just think, you are selling sports shoes and accessories. Naturally, the young generation uses these items. But you target 30 to 60 age group people as your audience. In this case, you will not get good sales conversations from digital marketing.

What is the Age Group of Your Target Audience

You have to know the age group of your target audience. Otherwise, you will not get accepted results from the digital marketing campaign.

Example: You are selling high-value branded watches. Naturally, high-income range people use this type of watch. You start a digital marketing campaign and target all income group people from the age 25 to 65. In this case, you will not get enough sales conversion.

Online Habit of the Target Audience

You have to know the online habit of your target audience for getting more sales conversion from the digital marketing campaign.

Example: You are selling home décor products. Females are the main consumers of these items. You are selling the products in Canada. You are doing a digital marketing campaign through the Facebook ad. In this case, Pinterest can give you better sales conversion than Facebook. Because, in Canada, Pinterest is more popular for getting home décor ideas.

Consumers’ Profession

Consumers’ profession plays a vital role in building digital marketing strategy. Without knowing their profession, it may go in the wrong direction.

Example: You are selling medical equipment. In this case, your target audience should be medical professionals. Other professionals don’t need to see your campaign.

Where the Consumers are living

You have to know the target audience’s geological area for getting a good result from the digital marketing campaign.

Example: Your target audiences are living in South Asia, where most of the people use Facebook for social connecting. But you are promoting your products on Reddit. It will not give you a good result.

Consumers’ Interest

Consumers’ interest plays an important role in the digital marketing strategy. Without knowing their interest your digital marketing strategy may fall.

Example: Your products are sports-related. But you reach the people who like video games. In this case, your digital marketing campaign will not work.

Consumers’ Education

In all cases, consumers’ education is important for building digital marketing strategies as well as digital marketing campaigns.

Example: If your consumers are not enough educated, your content marketing technique and copywriting technique will not work in the digital marketing campaign.

You should always consider the above points when you will develop digital marketing strategies for your business.

Now let’s see what are digital marketing strategies you can take for minimum expenditure as you have a small business.

  • Google My Business
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Let’s see how to use the above marketing techniques and how they help your business:

Google My Business

Google my business is Google’s local business promotion tool and it is totally free. You can create your own local business page here, where you can regularly update your offers and prices. Google my business offers you one free website, free Google map listing, review options, etc. You will get regular visitors from Google through Google my business page free.

Google My Business

You can also promote your Google my business page through paid ads.  

Social Media Optimization

In 2020, social media is the most traffic engaging platform on the internet. Compared to traffic analysis YouTube is the no. 1 and Facebook is the no. 3. Both are social media platforms.  

Social media optimization is the non-paid technique of getting traffic and engagement. You can sell your product and services without any website and only use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Media Optimization

Let’s see how you can use social media free for your small business:

  • Create Facebook Page
  • Create Facebook Group
  • Make a YouTube Channel
  • Pinterest Board Creation

Create Facebook Page

Facebook offers you free business page creation facilities. You can create a beautiful Facebook business page, invite your friends to like the page. Many entrepreneurs started their businesses through Facebook pages. Before starting your page activity, create a Facebook page user name. Insert your web address into the page. If you don’t have a website, just create a free website at Google My Business and insert that web address into your Facebook page. For Facebook page optimization you have to update your post, offer, products, and services regularly. Bookmark your page link to many social media platforms as much as you can.

Create Facebook Group

The Facebook group plays a vital role to promote your products and services. It is very helpful for Facebook page engagement, YouTube channel engagement, and other social media engagement. Your Facebook group should be public for promoting your business. Encourage your group members to post their thoughts and views to the group. Your products or services will promote more when the group members’ activity will increases.

In the Facebook group, you will post about your products, services, your Facebook page, YouTube videos, GMB post, etc.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best social media platform considering the traffic engagement around the globe. You should create a YouTube channel for promoting your products or services. Make videos and upload them to the channel. Share your YouTube videos and channel to your Facebook group and pages. It is the best technique to get viewers to your YouTube channel. You can do animated videos also for YouTube channels. Regular uploading of new videos to your YouTube channel will help to get more viewers. Build traffic funnels for your YouTube channel by building backlinks, so that, you can get more viewers.

Pinterest Board Creation

Pinterest is a very good social media platform for selling a lifestyle, beauty, home décor related products and services. First, create a board at Pinterest. Board name should be related to your products or services. Now start posting images of your products or services to your board. Always remember that Pinterest is a social platform. Here, you should follow others for increasing your followers. Always save other’s pins that are related to your products or services, so that, many others save your pins to their board. The more your pins save to other’s boards, the more exposure you will get.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the paid technique of promoting products and services. All the above social media platforms have paid marketing system. Paid marketing on social media is very easy. You have to select the demography, target audience, geolocation, age of the target audience, interest of the audience, time of the paid marketing (how many days you want to run the ad), and the payment option. If you can properly do the above options, you will get good results from social media marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the paid system of showing your products or services to the search engines. When you use Google Chrome or Bing, you have seen ads. This type of ad is called search engine marketing.

In search engine marketing you have a demographic selection option, geo-location target option, target audience, age, interest, etc.

You can use the image, video, animated image, animated video, web links, as content for showing ads on the search engines.

So, in search engine marketing, you need quality content, demographic selection, and payment option.

Video Marketing

Nowadays video marketing is a very popular and effective technique for generating sales leads. In this technique, you have to make a video on your products or services and submit it on free video submission sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Dropshots, etc.

After publishing your video on the above sites, you should share the link to the social media platforms for getting better results.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique that is different from other marketing techniques. In this technique, you have to create copywriting content and spread it to the internet through social media platforms, search engines, emails, etc.

Your content may be in written form, image, video, animation, audio, etc.

Example of Copywriting Content:

As per the doctor’s advice you need to do jugging for 1 hour regularly. Now you start jogging but can’t do 1 hour. Because after 30 minutes you feel leg pain. You are using brand “A” shoes for jugging.

One day you go to the market and see a nice shoe, which brand is “X”. You buy the “X” brand shoes. The next day you go to jugging wearing the new shoe. Now you feel better and can run for 1 hour and more without any pain.

When other people see your statement (it may be in written format, video, or audio), they will feel interested to buy the “X” brand shoe.

All the above digital marketing strategies are very cost-effective for a small business. On the above strategies, you may find similarities in SMO, SMM, and SEM.

Here I am showing you a comparison between SMO vs SMM vs SEM for your easy understanding


It is an organic strategy for generating traffic and sales leadsPaid strategy at social media platformsPaid strategy at search engines
Very cost-effectiveCostly compared to SMOCostly compared to SMO and SMM
Difficult to select targeting audienceYou can select a target audienceYou can select a target audience  
You will get results until you remove the postYou will get results only at the time of ad runningYou will get results only at the time of ad running
Require a long time for getting a good resultYou can get immediate resultsYou can get immediate results
Time-consuming workYou can do it fastYou can do it fast
Difficult to do compared to SMM and SEMEasy workEasy work


What digital marketing strategy is the best?

SEO, SMO, SMM all these three digital marketing strategies can generate sales leads.

Which digital marketing strategy is the lowest cost?

SMO is the lowest cost.

Can I use Google My Business for free?

Yeah, it is totally free.

Will Google My Business be helpful for my small business?

Google My Business is the best digital marketing strategy for local and small businesses.

Which social media can give me the highest sales leads?

It depends on the Geolocation, target audience, your products, and services. In some cases, Facebook is the best. Pinterest, YouTube also can give you very good results.

End Words

The above digital marketing strategy for small businesses will help you to run a marketing campaign within a very small budget. You can choose any of the above strategies for generating sales leads.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business
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Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business
Digital marketing strategy for small business is different from the corporate business houses. Small businesses need low investment marketing strategy. In this article I will explain how to develop digital marketing strategy for small business and what digital marketing strategy is viable for which type of business.
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