How to Grow Your Instagram Account

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and most popular social platforms. Many of us want to grow our IG accounts. The contest, giveaways, etc. are the best techniques to grow an IG account. Here I will share how to grow your Instagram account.

Let’s jump into the deep:

Wondering how to run a contest on Instagram? Looking for Instagram giveaway ideas you can personalize?

In this composition, you’ll find tips and alleviation to help you plan successful Instagram comps that support your marketing pretensions.

What Are Instagram’s Rules for Contests?

When it comes to Instagram contests, a dominant rule to cleave to, and which utmost people are ignorant of, is the statement of release. The following statement (or an analogous one) MUST be included on all contest posts participated to Instagram:

Per Instagram rules, this creation is in no way patronized, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they’re 13 years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.

Pro Tips: Assuming that you plan to consistently run challenges, think about duplicating this verbiage and posting it in a note or application on your cell phone for simple access for future challenge posts.

Instagram requires you to run your contest fairly, icing you don’t violate any civil, state, or other laws applicable to your area. In addition, Instagram requires you to include sanctioned contest rules and terms of eligibility.

Remember that you can’t tag anyone in the contest post who’s not actually in the post itself, and you can’t ask druggies to label themselves in a print in which they don’t appear. Druggies can mention (label) people in the commentary of a post but can’t tag others in the actual post itself.

Engage your audience

Giveaways, by nature, give your audience the opportunity to interact with your brand and content. They can bring favorable engagement to the algorithms in the form of likes and comments, of course. But more importantly, they can encourage the kind of engagement that cannot be measured by statistics.

Contests and giveaways will enable authentic user engagement, bringing audiences closer to your page, its whole, and its ethos. This gets people talking on and off social media about what your brand does and can increase overall brand awareness for all online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Collect user-generated content

Contests can be a great opportunity for your audience to generate content (free and creative) for your page. Whether it’s captioning, photoshopping, or art contests, it’s a way to push the creative side of your followers forward.

Plus, your followers will love seeing it – UGC acts as social proof, showing your followers and new visitors that your brand is loved by the community.

How to set up an Instagram giveaways

Plan your contest

We recommend that you start by defining your contest plan. It will be a question of choosing the type of content that you wish to organize. You will also need to set time constraints. Make sure the contest end time and date are clear and respected when choosing the winner.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll want to set a goal. What are you aiming to achieve with this contest? More subscribers? Increased number of sales for a specific product or service? Either way, find out early on what you want to accomplish, which will make it much easier to track contest success.

Set the Rules

Every contest has rules. Yours will be no different. Whether it’s registration deadlines or what your subscribers need to do to participate, make sure they’re clear and readable.

When posting giveaway information on Instagram, it may be best to include the guidelines in the caption. This will make them easy to find for your followers.

When sharing the contest on your website, dedicated landing page, or different social media platforms, it’s going to be best to incorporate all vital rules in advance. If it is not possible, try to describe the principles/rules to the gift message caption or any other places on the landing page or social platforms.

If your contest is for a particular area, please clearly mention it.

Pick a Prize

This part should be fun! Decide what your subscribers will be competing for. It could be a product or an assortment of products, a gift card or something else. Just be sure to choose a prize that makes your Instagram contest worthwhile.

It’s also wise to make sure the price is related to your brand. General rewards such as cash or Amazon gift cards will attract random subscribers looking for a chance to earn a quick buck. Offering products and rewards related to your page’s subject matter is more effective. It ensures that anyone who registers and follows you for the competition is involved in what you are doing.

Promote Your Contest

Now that you’ve decided what to give away, it’s time to make sure people know you’re giving it down, to begin with! Promote your Instagram contest as extensively as possible. You’ll want to partake it on your Instagram Stories as well as any other social media platform your brand uses.

How to Create Instagram Giveaway Rules

Before you launch your contest on Instagram, you need to make sure you follow both the rules and the right tips. After all, there are laws surrounding contests that you will need to make sure you follow.

Here I’m sharing my experience of Instagram giveaways:

Follow the Law

It might sound silly, however, there are literally laws close contests surpass brands, even on Instagram. It’s more sophisticated by the actual fact that these laws are usually location-specific. They will vary from state to state and become significantly complicated once it involves international coverage relationships.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating sure you aren’t breaking any laws by hosting your contest. You’ll need to do the analysis on your own and should even realize it is worthy to possess an attorney to assist you out. ensuring you are covering all of your legal bases is often very important in holding a palmy Instagram giveaway.

Make it clear that Instagram is not involved in the contest

It is important! Instagram has a set of guidelines for promotions of all kinds that run on the app. You must specify that your “giveaway” is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by or associated with Instagram.

Never Ask Instagram for Support

Because of the on top of the rule, Instagram is pretty passive once it involves giveaways. they create it clear that “If you employ our service to administer your promotion, you are doing this at your own risk.” this can be why it’s very important to create certain you define your rules ahead which you’ve got done your legal research. If issues with the giveaway arise, they’ll air you to fix it.

Instagram will also not answer any of your contest-related questions. Instagram’s contest policy states that it “will not help you administer your promotion and cannot tell you whether consent is required for the use of User Content or how to obtain the necessary consent”.

Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Now that you’re done with the boring part, the fun can begin! Instagram contests and giveaways can be an exciting way to engage with your target audience. Here are some of the best and most trusted gifts to manage.

You can also consider using Socialman widget for your giveaways

Like to Win Giveaway

As the title suggests, one of all your options is to raise your followers to love your post. Then, you’ll be able to choose the winners from people who have done so!

However, its obscurity is close to the most effective Instagram giveaway concepts as a result of it doesn’t involve a lot of interaction or engagement. it’s too straightforward and won’t induce additional Instagram sales, followers, or reach!

Comment to Win Giveaway

Ask your followers to comment on their expertise or a specific emoji on the post to enter the giveaway. This one is easy for you associated to do and additionally enables you to handily decide the winners with an antibody comment picker!

However, this giveaway plan doesn’t alter you to draw in a replacement target audience. You’re merely driving engagement and interaction from your existing followers.

Tag to Win Giveaway

If this idea is combined with the last two, it becomes one of the most effective Instagram giveaway ideas. This allows you to gain new subscribers, show off your brand, and turn them into customers.

Repost to Win Giveaway

Among the good gift ideas on Instagram, this one also cuts a good figure. you can encourage participants to follow you and repost their immunoglobulin stories for a chance!

You will be able to choose this set of your main rules or contemplate it for a bonus entry. That is, you can specify alternate rules, so have them request this step as long as they need additional entries in your giveaway.

Caption this Contest

One of the nice giveaway ideas for Instagram is to raise your followers to write down a caption for your post. They’ll write it within the comments or repost it and write it in the caption. Either way, are often} one in all the simplest lottery ideas once it involves Instagram.

By taking advantage of it, you’ll double your engagement whereas having fun together with your followers. Therefore, it also can assist you to foster a friendlier relationship!

Keep in mind that it can be each a giveaway and a contest. In alternative words, you can select a random winner from the comments. Or you can give the prize to your favorite comment!

Hashtag Contest

A hashtag contest starts with creating a distinctive hashtag regarding your complete product. Then, you may raise the participants to post sure content on their feed mistreatment that hashtag. Now, you’ll haphazardly select one or decide the most effective post.

You’ll mix this giveaway plan with an Instagram exposure contest. For instance, you can ask your followers to share their footage and videos of your products and use the unique hashtag in their feed. Not solely are you able to showcase your products to a broad audience this way, but additionally, you’re driving engagement!

Challenge Contest

Among these great Instagram giveaway ideas, you can also ask your followers to complete a particular challenge to participate. This idea can also allow you to be more creative with your contests. Then you can set a challenge and reward those who do it best!

End Words

I hope you already understood about Instagram giveaways. You can also use Instagram giveaways for generating more leads.

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