Top 15 Security Companies in Bangladesh

Top 15 Security Companies in Bangladesh

Are you worried about the safety of your home or place of business? We’ll help you find the top 15 security companies in Bangladesh. Because we appreciate how essential professionalism is to you and because we want you to feel safe, we give you a list of the finest security firms in Bangladesh. Find out all the required information about the top security companies operating in Bangladesh, including their contact details, addresses, business hours, and customer reviews, and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of security services

For years, private security guards have aided law enforcement in reducing crime. Many business owners claim that their presence is more effective than high-tech security equipment in preventing crime.

If you’re still unclear if hiring a security guard is a smart idea for your business, consider the following benefits.

Detect Crimes

Your facility will be protected which will reduce dangers such as vandalism, theft, and violence. These people are also taught to spot any questionable behavior. When the issue is found, they may respond appropriately before it becomes worse. Furthermore, the security guard can assist law enforcement officials in solving crimes that occur on the grounds.

Gives a sense of increased security

Employing security personnel may make company owners, customers, and workers feel more secure. Workers will put in more effort and perform better in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, having protection on your property and in the surrounding area might help with staff retention.

Handles security issues efficiently

A business’s first line of defense against any crime is provided by professional security guards. Security guards are better qualified than anybody else on your property to tackle security problems. They know how to react in various circumstances, stop fleeing suspects, speak with witnesses, and check out potential danger zones.

Provide a Rapid Response

Security personnel will react immediately to any issue that may occur on your property. For instance, it may take up to 20 minutes for the neighborhood police to show up if you had a combative client on the premises. The consumer may have already done significant harm by this point. They can take charge of the issue with a security officer present, assisting in averting injuries and other unfavorable outcomes.

Top 15 Security companies in Bangladesh

The features given below will provide you with all the knowledge you need about the top 15 security companies in Bangladesh. This will also help you choose the service that best matches your needs.

G4S Bangladesh

G4S is the world’s leading security solutions supplier, specializing in outsourced security solutions. They monitor and protect enterprises from potential risks and dangers.

They have over 13,500 committed security professionals and over 23 years of expertise in safeguarding their Bangladeshi clients. In Bangladesh, they have over 15 branches. They provide services like- manned guarding, security surveys, emergency response, event security management, etc.

Elite security services limited

The unpredictability of Bangladesh contributes to the rise in demand for better, more sophisticated, and competent security services. In November 1999, Brigadier General Sharif Aziz founded Elite Force with just 36 guards divided among three groups. Because of the devoted, sincere, and passionate service they have offered along the way, their clients and supporters have grown to respect and admire them.

Max Secure

The highly skilled security firm Max Secure can provide services fast without compromising quality. Today, the vast majority of businesses, organizations, and people are aware that it is imperative to invest in the security of people, assets, and information. Thanks to Max Secure, the demand for security can be satisfied.

Max Secure is still providing cutting-edge, client-driven solutions with a focus on safety, physical safety, and loss prevention. The best-performing, security-conscious businesses in the country receive security services from Max Secure.

Thanks to their security and support team, you can have a stronger communication network and successfully send messages or get updates.

Safeco Security Services

The company’s major shareholders collectively have more than 15 years of experience in the security services sector. Safeco 24-7 Security Services Limited However, we constantly work to improve our fundamental security best practices, both publicly and covertly with our back-end support. We are personally aware of the benefits and drawbacks of working in the service sector, and Safeco 24×7 strives to inspire its staff, particularly security guards, to enjoy their line of work.

HRS Group BD

With the explicit objective of supplying qualified security professionals to various industry sectors, HRS GROUP BD was established in 1995. With more than 200 clients and more than 1000 employees working in the security industry in the previous year, they made progress on their way to becoming Bangladesh’s top security firm. In their security service company, they offer security services, security guard services, supervisor services, bodyguard or armed bodyguard services, and cash-carrying services. They also provide services for human resources and security apparatus. The HRS Tea Company, HRS Construction, HRS Transport Agency, HRS Outsourcing (Human Resource), and HRS Outsourcing (Online) Adventure Service Limited are more companies in the group.

Careforce Ltd

The foundation for their journey toward security was laid in 1987. This was the first deed that contributed to them earning a renowned reputation as a top supplier of security services. They’ve always believed that a team may be formed by emphasizing professionalism and outstanding manners. Because of this, they consistently try to make sure that every single one of their security officers is a security officer who is a force to be reckoned with when dealing with criminals of any kind.

Orion security services limited

Orion has 13 years of experience in the private security industry, giving him a plethora of information. It has continued to grow and exhibit professionalism, persistence, and high ethical standards, maintaining its status as one of the greatest private security companies in the country. Over 5500 individuals are employed by global firms, international aid organizations, banks, and corporate entities at the moment. It has four regional offices and is present in 61 districts throughout Bangladesh.

Security 360 Limited

Security 360 Limited is an integrated security service provider and facility service provider run by a group of qualified, driven, and experienced security experts with a burning ambition to provide top-notch security services in Bangladesh.

Techno Crate

The industry’s top supplier, Techno Crate, offers a broad selection of technological products for fire and security, including security cameras, surveillance cameras, network video recorders, CCTV equipment, access controllers and time attendance devices, proximity, fingerprint, and face detection equipment, fire alarm systems, and other things. They are pros in selling and designing video surveillance systems.

Secure Line Security Services

One of the top security guard service providers in Bangladesh is Secure Line Security Services. One of the leading businesses in Dhaka, Bangladesh that focuses on security is Secure Line. Among the many services offered by Security Services include guard service, female security personnel, armed bodyguards for gunmen, corporate security, messenger/peon services, and caretakers, among others.

Sentry Security Services LTD

Sentry Security Services LTD is the finest choice for integrated security services that offer smart, connected solutions to secure your company, deliver important information in real-time, and assist you in reducing potential threats. Take precautions and feel secure knowing that their security specialists are available around-the-clock to ensure you never miss a thing.

Kingwon Securicor ltd

Kingwon Securicor Ltd is a renowned security services company in Bangladesh. To fulfill the country’s rising security demands, it offers complete security and logistical service solutions.

Kingwon Securicor Ltd protects people, places of business, financial institutions, and society. They offer a wide range of security services to help people and society meet their security demands simply and cost-effectively.

24 Force Security Service Ltd

Since 2013, The 24 Force Security Service Ltd. has been one of the leading providers of security services in Bangladesh. They are a team of former military officers who collaborate to provide their valued customers with excellent service that meets their needs.

Integrated security services limited

ISSL, which was founded in 1995 by several senior former army commanders, is currently regarded as one of the top security firms in the nation. They have a qualified management team that has a history of holding prominent positions in the security and associated industries while employed by the government.

Ornate Security Services Ltd

Since its founding in 1998, the Ornate Group has built a solid reputation as a renowned provider of security services, logistics, and safety systems.

Final words

Security guards are needed in a variety of settings, including special events, commercial and retail enterprises, and residential locations. Most offenders are intimidated by their looks, but some go over and beyond. We hope this information has assisted you in locating the top 15 private security companies in Bangladesh. You can read more articles like this on our website.

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Top 15 Security Companies in Bangladesh
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Top 15 Security Companies in Bangladesh
Are you worried about the safety of your home or place of business? We'll help you find the top 15 security companies in Bangladesh.
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