Tips to Buy Car in Bangladesh

Tips to Buy a Car in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. People’s living standards are becoming higher in Bangladesh day by day. A Car is considered a regular need in the urban areas here. Every middle-class family belongs a car in megacities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. In this article, we are sharing some tips to buy a car in Bangladesh.

Middle-class families are growing and they are spending more than previously. They need to move more and faster than previously as they are working more. That’s why every middle-class family wants to buy a car in this country. Let’s see some tips to buy a car in Bangladesh:

Tips to Buy a Car in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a growing economy. Here rich people are very minimal. Most of the people are struggling to improve their living standards. Here many people want to buy cars for their needs, but most of them can’t make a budget for a car because they don’t have any idea about the car price in Bangladesh.

So, first, you need to know the car price, then you should make a budget according to your income.

Fuel Efficiency

Each year fuel prices is hiking. So, your car must be fuel efficient. It will reduce your car fuel cost as well. On the other hand, more fuel consumption means, you are producing more carbon, which is very bad for our environment. Fuel-efficient octan-driven cars and hybrid cars are available in the Bangladesh market. You can buy electric vehicles and gas-driven vehicles also. Your fuel-efficient car is reducing fuel costs and saving our environment.   

After Sales Service

After-sales service is very important for a car. Before buying your first car, please check and read the terms and conditions of after-sales service. Different dealers have different terms and conditions. Many car dealers in Bangladesh are offering extra mileage free servicing and warranty.

The technology of the Car

Try to understand the technology of the car. If the car is a software-based high-tech car, then you have to go to the dealer service point for car servicing. On the other hand, if the car is not very high-tech, you can send it to any professional service center. Whatever technology-based car you buy, just make sure that the technology is proven record.

Car Maintenance Cost

If you have a car, you should have to maintain it. Every car needs to take care of regularly such as oil changes, filter changes, cleaning and servicing, battery checkup, tires, spares, etc. Before buying a car you should have a clear concept of the maintenance cost of the brand and model.

For example, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic maintenance costs are not the same in Bangladesh. So you should have a clear idea about car maintenance costs, before selecting your first car.

Resell Value

You will not use the same car in your life. Before buying your first car you need to check the resell value of the brand. It will help you to change the models after using a few years. If you buy a car that has good resale value, you can easily sell it if needed. But if you buy a car that doesn’t have good resale value, then you can’t sell it if necessary.

For example, If you have a Toyota car, you can easily sell it when necessary. But if you have other brands, you have to face some difficulties to sell the car.

Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential for maintaining a car properly. So, it is very important that you are getting genuine spare parts regularly and easily. If you have a car that spares are not available, you will have to face difficulty maintaining it and will not get good service from it. On the other hand, if you have a car, those spares are available, you can easily maintain it and you will get good performance from it as well.

Test Drive

Before finalizing the car deal, you must go for a test drive. Most of the car dealers are offering test drive. You should take this opportunity to check the comfort and smoothness of the car. If you are happy after the test drive, then go for the deal.

Popular Car Brands in Bangladesh

There are many car brands available in Bangladesh. Among the all car brands, Japanese car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Nissan are the most popular car brands. European car makers like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. are also popular.

Top Car Dealers in Bangladesh

Toyota Bangladesh

Toyota Bangladesh is the exclusive distributor of brand-new Toyota vehicles. Since 1964, Navana Limited embarked on a journey with Toyota to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. Toyota Bangladesh is synonymous with Quality, Durability, and Reliability. It is offering both sales and after-sales service.

DHS Motors

DHS motors is the authorized dealer of Honda vehicles. In 1994, with a passion and enthusiasm for performance motoring, DHS Motors Limited was formed. Since then Honda is synonymous with DHS Motors in Bangladesh. Today DHS Motors continues to provide Bangladeshi motorists with successive generations of better and more advanced Honda models. Boasting more than 17 years with the Honda brand, we are positioning ourselves to serve Bangladesh in the years to come.


Mazda is one the Best know car manufacturing brands in the world. Located in Shinchi, Fuchū, Aki, Hiroshima, Japan. MazdaBD only sells On-Demand Mazda Cars, and authorized partner to provide customer OEM or Aftermarket spares for Mazda any model in Bangladesh.

Rangs Limited

In 1979, Rangs Limited was awarded the sole distributorship rights for Mitsubishi Motors in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Rangs Limited has been carrying on the global Mitsubishi legacy and is currently one of the leading brands in the automotive industry. Rangs Limited was awarded the Excellent Sales Growth Award by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for 2010, 2011, and 2012, and has been continuously appreciated for its outstanding performance and growth. Customer support is of the utmost priority at Rangs Limited, where there is a dedicated service team at Rangs’ own workshop, of trained technicians who relentlessly work to offer quality customer services. To maintain standards, regular capacity-building training is provided for the workforce. Modern showrooms have also been set up to allow customers maximum access to Mitsubishi products, located in prime locations of Dhaka and Chattogram.

RANCON Motors Limited

Incorporated in 2002, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, of 1994, RANCON Motors Limited is the General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz, in Bangladesh.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, entrusts the sole partnership only with companies who can ensure the implementation of Daimler’s set of standards in every aspect of business- from regulatory compliance, ownership, and financial structure to efficiency in operation to management, corporate structure, and culture.

RANCON Motors Ltd has maintained excellence in standard all through the way since its tie-up with Mercedes-Benz. 

There are several vehicle dealers who are importing recondition and new vehicles from Japan and other countries in Bangladesh.

Vivid Automobiles

Vivid Automobile is one of the trusted and best-quality car dealers in Bangladesh right now. It has mastered the art of locating the highest caliber new cars from all around the world. It has one of Bangladesh’s largest stock collections of vehicles. Vivid wants to change how customers purchase and reserve vehicles. It is on a mission to assist clients in selecting the best and highest-quality vehicle by providing them with a free consultation, car reviews, reliable information, a large selection of new cars, and, in the end, high-quality vehicles. Vivid automobiles is ensuring the best car price in Bangladesh. Vivid automobiles is dealing with three Japanese top brands Toyota, Honda, and Mazda.

Car Selection

Car selection is very old and reputed car dealer in Bangladesh dealing with all reconditioned cars and automobiles. It started its business in the year 1977. It mainly imports top quality high-grade reconditioned vehicles from Japan.

Bismillah Car Center

It is another famous and old car dealer in Bangladesh. It started its journey in the year 1980. Bismillah Car Centre is well-known for high-grade reconditioned Japanese cars. It imports all the vehicles directly from Japan.

Sal Sabeel Cars

In the year 2000 Sal Sabeel Cars started its automobile business in Bangladesh. It deals with high quality Japanese vehicles as well as European top brands. It imports vehicles from Japan and other European countries.

End Words

I hope you have got the helpful and informative tips to buy a car in Bangladesh. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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Tips to Buy a Car in Bangladesh
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Tips to Buy a Car in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. People’s living standards are becoming higher in Bangladesh day by day. A Car is considered a regular need in the urban areas here. Every middle-class family belongs a car in megacities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet. In this article, we are sharing some tips to buy a car in Bangladesh.
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