Which Data Center in Mumbai Tier Is Right for You with Examples

Why Tier-3 Data Center for Colocation Services in Mumbai?

Learn the basic concept before choosing a Colocation Data Center strategy in Mumbai because deploying your server in a secure data center is a far better way for your critical IT systems and hardware facilities. Organizations today need growing technology for their servers to maximize their estate of corporate data, applications, and workloads. The global colocation market is predicted to grow because of its advantages, technological and operational systems, or service that provides a reliable infrastructure for your tech business. Data Center for Colocation services in Mumbai does the task of storing the data & other critical resources for organizations in a better way instead of a basic web hosting service.

This service facility houses an organization’s critical applications along with essential data.  People rarely know what are Different Types Of Tier Data Centers available and which one is the best data center solution for your business. In this article, you will get all the information about Server Colocation in Mumbai and the Facts that play a significant role in your IT business with examples. Let’s continue with this Guidance 

Strategic Guide to the Data Center and Colocation

Let’s start with the colocation definition “Colocation or Colo is the third-party data center sharing space where you can deploy your server in a Secure Cage, Cabinet, or Room”. Your business will operate its own IT equipment by sharing the facility with other customers which are managed by a colocation service provider. With data center service you will get fully managed data center facilities or infrastructure with an exhaustive advantage and cost-saving solution. 

Some of the colocation providers offer the added value of managed services they can charge you extra because managed services monitors and maintains your server facility. Such as data center planning, Networking Connectivity, IT security, Disaster Recovery Solutions, and Cloud Computing Solutions. Mumbai Colocation is a precise area where you can lease or buy Colocation service for your business with physical hardware tools and advantages.  

Essential Tier Components of Colocation Data Center Infrastructure in Mumbai

TIER-III Colocation Data Center in Mumbai

A data center facility is specially designed for those IT enterprises that need Computing rooms with high standards of physical hardware access or resources. That ensures your server works properly in its hosted computing and secure data center environment. Colocation Data Center in Mumbai maintains uptime in the event of a system failure and delivers Real-Time Monitoring Of Network & Power. But there are some essential components you have to keep in mind before choosing a data center infrastructure.  

Tier-1 The Basic Capacity Data Center Services:

This tier involves a data center with a single path for power and cooling along with an uninterrupted power supply in case of power lags. This is the cheapest data center service in Mumbai which protects against disturbance from human errors. But you will not get back up components if there are some misfortunes happens. With this basic service never accept a good server uptime you will get average server uptime of something like 99.65% per year.

For Example:

  • An uniterruptible Power Supply “UPS” for power outages
  • An engine-generator
  • A designated space for IT systems
  • Cooling equipment

Tier-2 The Redundant Capacity Data Center Services:

When you choose a Colocation data center in Mumbai for your server then some of the providers offer tier-2 service which is one step more reliable than tier-1. It provides enhanced safety in the event of unforeseen disruptions but in the service, you will get a single path for power and cooling components. Though the best thing is with your Mumbai colocation has some redundant & backups components with server maintenance opportunities. And finally a good average uptime of 99.72% per year. 

For Example:

  • Extra engine generators
  • Average energy storage
  • UPS Modules
  • Heat Rejection pieces of equipment
  • Extra cooling units

Tier-3 The Concurrently Maintainable Data Center Services:

This data center service is one of the best solutions to deploy your server the reason behind it is the Tier-3 Colocation data center in Mumbai is for serving the critical environment with redundant functions. Your server will be provided with multiple paths for power and cooling components & backup components as per your demand. The additional thing is your server will get high server uptime of up to 99.90% per year. This service is the best fit for colocation Mumbai to take place without impacting the IT operation.

For Example:

  • N+1 availability (capacity to support the full IT load)
  • At least 72 hours following an outage
  • up to 1.6 hours of downtime per year
  • Wide power outage
  • Ample Data Center backup Service as per your demand

Tier-4 The Fault-Tolerant Data Center Services:-

This Colocation data center Service in Mumbai is one of the most expensive facilities because of its Fault-Tolerant capacity. Tier-4 enables a high degree of protection such as production capacity from all types of failure. A completely fault-tolerant Mumbai data center Service with redundancy for unplanned events. You will get the best industry uptime service with almost Zero chances of failure expected uptime is 99.95% per year. 

For Example:

  • All components(Two UPS systems, and two cooling systems)
  • Operations continue to run for a minimum of 96 hours
  • 2N or 2N+1 redundancy
  • The comprehensive Backup component as you say

Which Colocation Data Center in Mumbai Tier Is Right for the Servers?

While higher Tiers offer a more reliable service option selecting a Tier-1 or Tier-2 is not always the right choice. But the thing also depends on your colocation server capacity needs and requirement.

Normally TIER-III Colocation Data Center in Mumbai can be ideal for large IT companies with IT operations. If your business needs an extra fail-safe then the TIER-3 colocation facility is the best solution for your host’s extensive data sets to avoid downtime issues or unnecessary overpaying IT infrastructure for your business.  


Always consider reliable TIER colocation data center facilities that fulfill all your business needs & requirements.

Colocation TIER-III Facility in Mumbai provides several features such as Data Backup and Recovery, Storage Space, Power, Cooling, and physical security for the server. TIER-III Colocation Data Center in Mumbai is a perfect Third-party vendor service that ensures your business supports IT systems without overpaying or downtime issues

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