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The public cloud UK provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for organizations to leverage cloud computing resources and services to meet their business needs.

It’s important for organizations to consider factors like data sovereignty, compliance requirements, and data protection regulations when using public cloud services in the UK. It’s advisable to consult with legal and compliance experts to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and to understand any potential limitations or risks associated with using public cloud services.

These cloud services are accessible over the internet and are hosted on the infrastructure of the cloud service provider.

Benefits of Public Cloud UK

Public cloud services offer a range of resources and services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. These services typically include virtual machines, storage, databases, networking capabilities, and various software tools and applications. Users can leverage these resources to build, deploy, and manage their applications and services without the need to invest in their own physical infrastructure.

In the UK, there are several major public cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cold Archive, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These providers have data centers and infrastructure located within the UK to ensure low latency and compliance with local regulations.

By utilizing public cloud services in the UK, organizations can benefit from various advantages, such as:

Scalability: Public cloud services allow users to scale their resources up or down based on their needs, enabling businesses to accommodate fluctuating demands and avoid overprovisioning.

Cost-effectiveness: With public cloud services, organizations can avoid upfront infrastructure costs and only pay for the resources they actually use, reducing capital expenditures.

Flexibility and agility: Public cloud platforms provide a wide range of services and tools that enable organizations to quickly develop, deploy, and iterate on their applications, promoting faster time to market.

Reliability and high availability: Public cloud providers typically offer robust infrastructure with built-in redundancy and data replication, ensuring high availability of services and disaster recovery capabilities.

Security: Cloud service providers implement robust security measures and compliance standards to protect data and infrastructure. Additionally, organizations can implement their own security measures on top of cloud services.

In this context, we are going to talk about Cold Archive – a public cloud in the UK.

About Cold Archive

With the support of the ecosystem, Cold Archive has been working hard for more than 20 years to offer a trusted, reliable, and sustainable cloud. With more than 400,000 servers spread across 37 data centers on 4 continents, Cloud Archive is now a global player and Europe’s leading cloud service provider. It offers domain names, web hosting plans, and a wide range of cloud solutions to more than 1.6 million customers.

In 2010, Cold Archive entered into the world of cloud with a disruptive, high-performance offer – the Hosted Private Cloud. A Public Cloud offer followed. One year later, it was Europe’s No.1 web hoster, with a VMware award for its Hosted Private Cloud. In 2012, the company opened offices and a data center in North America.


Customer data security is one of its top priorities. With this in mind, Cold Archive solutions are compliant with all applicable data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. It also manages its network’s security, to guarantee optimal protection.

It is proud to offer a trusted cloud to the community, where the solutions are hosted. Every day, it works to achieve some of the highest quality standards on the market. This is reflected in the certification policy (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HDS, SecNumCloud, etc.), which allows to guarantee data sovereignty in the cloud.

Cold Archive’s Solutions

Cold Archive has a wide range of cloud computing solutions. Here we are sharing some of its popular products and solutions:


Cold Archive offers cloud instances with fully guaranteed resources for a very wide range of uses.

You can start your Public Cloud journey with instances that have shared resources, delivering stable performance at a very affordable and competitive price.

Cold Archive offers the most powerful public cloud instances, up to 1,000 times faster than a CPU for parallel processing.

It also provides Dedicated Servers with the flexibility of cloud and API automation.

You will get ultra-fast IOPS, with NVMe drives specially designed for databases and big data applications with Cold Archive Compute Solutions.


It has a wide range of storage solutions. You will get the following facilities from its storage solutions:

  • It creates storage volumes, which can be used as additional disks and secured via triple data replication.
  • Unlimited on-demand storage, accessible via the S3 API.
  • Archive data over the long term in a cloud storage space, accessible via standard protocols.
  • You will get long-term data archiving at a very affordable and competitive price, in a secure, resilient infrastructure based on magnetic tape technology.
  • You can get easily a snapshot of your Block Storage volumes
  • You can Back up your Block Storage volumes. The backed-up data is stored on the Object Storage service.
  • You can get a backup service for your instances


Cold Archive offers a wide range of network services that can meet your all networking needs. Let’s see its focus networking services:

  • It deploys private networks, supported by the OVHcloud vRack, to connect your instances across the globe.
  • It deploys with cloud automation tools and manages variable traffic in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources.​
  • You can expose your services in a flexible and agnostic way, by assigning and moving your public IP from one instance or service to another.​
  • Cold Archive offers secure access Internet from secure and fully private instances while getting the best flexibility to expose services combined with Floating IP and Load Balancer.​
  • You will enjoy permanent protection across all your cloud resources, to ensure an optimal level of service.


Cold Archive can meet your all database requirements with its diversified database services. Let’s see its database services:

  • Here you will get MySQL, the most popular open-source relational database, as a managed service in just a few clicks.
  • It offers PostgreSQL database service, where You can create your business applications and migrate your old workloads to the cloud with total confidence.
  • You can run MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, as a service, on our trusted cloud.
  • It will increase application performance by adding a cache layer to your architecture with the Redis™ in-memory database.
  • Here you can use Kafka, the world’s leading queueing platform, to develop and deploy an event-driven architecture for your applications.
  • You can deploy and run OpenSearch, the NoSQL engine for indexing, content search, and analytics.
  • It offers M3 Aggregator, a metrics aggregation service that provides stream-based sub-sampling. Data can be aggregated according to pre-defined criteria.
  • Cold Archive deploys M3DB, the distributed and open-source metrics platform.
  • You can get and run Cassandra, the NoSQL engine for processing high volumes of data.
  • It deploys Grafana and creates dashboards and charts from several sources, including databases.
  • It replicates data between your Kafka clusters to guarantee high data availability.

Containers and Orchestration

Cold Archive offers various solutions for your containers and orchestrations, such as:

  • It orchestrates your containerized applications with a CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster.
  • It manages a repository for your software building blocks, in the form of Docker images or Helm charts.
  • You will get personalized images of your virtual servers within your private catalog.
  • You will get dozens of cloud images, provided and managed by Cold Archive, ranging from simple system images to pre-installed applications.
  • It will automate your tasks to operate cloud resources based on your business logic and adapt them to suit any situation.
  • Cold Archive will make a model and deploy your infrastructure in code form to accelerate your deployments and other pre-established scenarios.
  • It manages variations in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources.

AI and Machine Learning

Cold Archive offers AI and machine learning facilities such as:

  • You will get a quick, simple start launching your Jupyter or VS Code notebooks in the cloud.
  • You can train your AI, machine learning, and deep learning models efficiently and easily, and optimize your GPU usage.
  • Easily deploy machine learning models and applications to production, create your API access points effortlessly, and make effective predictions.
  • It will Launch applications that leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs, in a few clicks.

Interface Management

Cold Archive offers user-friendly dashboard for efficient management, such as:

  • You can use the original OpenStack web interface to manage your cloud resources effortlessly.
  • Its KVM consoles connect directly to your cloud servers.
  • Manage your command-line infrastructure with the official OpenStack client
  • Its OpenStack API is fully compatible with a wide range of tools on the market.

Cold Archive Learning Facilities

Human beings, like artificial intelligence, constantly evolve through learning. The realm of digital technology, encompassing the cloud and the internet, is a vast and captivating subject. Cold Archive recognizes this and has dedicated its Glossary Directory to individuals who are eager to explore, learn, and delve into current and upcoming technologies. Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge or initiate your journey with digital solutions, this resource aims to help you discover and develop new skills in areas such as cloud computing, IT security, and big data.

By engaging with the Glossary Directory, you can embark on a journey of understanding and acquiring expertise in these exciting fields. Cold Archive aims to empower individuals to grasp the intricacies of digital technology, enabling them to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of current and future technologies. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this resource will assist you in expanding your knowledge and honing your abilities.

Feel free to explore the Glossary Directory provided by Cold Archive and embark on an enriching learning experience that will help you navigate the world of cloud computing, IT security, big data, and more. By embracing digital solutions, you can equip yourself with the skills required to thrive in the rapidly advancing technological era.

End Words

As one of the best cloud service providers, Cold Archive offers top-quality cloud solutions. You can also use Cold Archive as your cloud computing partner.

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