Advantages & Disadvantages of PCP Claims

Advantages & Disadvantages of PCP Claims

PCP Car Finance was a very popular way of buying a vehicle back in the day as the consumer only had to pay monthly installments and a balloon payment at the end to acquire complete ownership of the vehicle.

However, it was disclosed that there was a hidden commission that led to financial loss for the consumer as their dealer did not disclose it in the beginning.

If we put that aside, let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the car finance deal.

Advantages of PCP Claims

●     The deal was simple and reasonable.

●     The car deal even allowed one to purchase a used vehicle.

●     Paying monthly installments for a vehicle as well as using the said vehicle was a great bargain.

Disadvantages of PCP Claims

●     It caused financial loss to the consumer.

●     There was a hidden commission attached to the deal.

●     If you cancel the deal, you won’t get much back from the dealer.

Getting PCP Compensation with Legal Assist

With Legal Assist backing your PCP claims, you do not have to worry about a thing. Our legal experts will ensure you get all the help you need and get the maximum compensation for your PCP car finance claim.

Legal Assist – Your Partner in Claims Management

Legal Assist is your go-to claims management company whenever you need help with your claim. We understand that the claiming procedure is lengthy and with all your personal affairs it gets difficult to keep track of the documentation.

So, If you want to get compensated for personal injury, or housing disrepair, we will help you from the beginning.

Here are a few claims services that we offer here at Legal Assist.

Personal Injury, Serious Injury Claims, Fatal Injury Claims, Criminal Injury Claims, Slip, Trips And Falls, Housing Disrepair, Clinical Negligence / Dental Negligence, Accident At Work, Marriage Tax Allowance Claims, Pcp Claims, Industrial Disease Claims, Taxi Accident Claims, Property Damage Claims, Stamp Duty Land Tax Claims, Pedestrian injury claims, Bicycle injury claims, Car accident claims, Motorbike injury claims, Professional Negligence Claims, Cosmetic Surgery Claims, etc.

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Immigration with Legal Assist

Are you planning to apply for a UK visa? If you are a student who wants to study abroad, a job seeker who wants to work in the UK, or a person who just wants to reunite with his/her family, our visa expert panel will listen to you and advise a proper plan that will get you to your desired location in the UK.

Some of the Visa we work on include,

●     Immigration

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●     Family Visa

●     Visit Visa

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●     Temporary Worker Visa

●     British Citizenship

Legal Assistance Throughout the UK

Apart from our claims and immigration venture, Legal Assist also has expert panels dedicated to the business sector, vehicle recovery, family law matters, court representations, and property-related matters.

Some of the options you can contact Legal Assist for are as follows,

Employment Law, Commercial Law, Data Breach, Free Recovery, Free Replacement Vehicle, Property Law, PPI Tax Reclaims, Conveyancing, Mis Sold Financial Products, Family Law, Criminal Law, Driving Offences, Tenancy Deposit Law, 24/7 Accident Support, Court Representation, Wills, Trusts & Probate, Free Legal Advice, Rehabilitation Services, Property Surveys, Mediation Services, Translation Services, All Types Of Form Filling, Mortgage Advice, Boundary Disputes, All litigation matters, Police Station Representation, Civil Disputes etc.

For Legal Assist, our clients are our utmost priority. Whenever, wherever you require legal help, we will send our legal experts to help with your case on a no win no fee basis.

So contact Legal Assist today and begin your legal claim.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PCP Claims
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Advantages and Disadvantages of PCP Claims
PCP Car Finance was a very popular way of buying a vehicle back in the day as the consumer only had to pay monthly installments and a balloon payment at the end to acquire complete ownership of the vehicle.
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