Delivero Courier System

Deliveo Courier System

Deliveo courier system is a courier management software that makes people’s life easier. In this software most of the tasks are automated. So, it increases efficiency level and decreases paperwork significantly.

The software was initially intended for mail order service but it can work for spot delivery services as well. 

In October 2012, Budapest, Hungary – Deliveo has established itself as a highly innovative delivery management software that has caused a stir. It automated a lot of business and made the messaging system much more efficient. This software is designed in such a way that it works as a complete delivery management system for home delivery and commercial parcel services.

One of the company’s top spokespersons said, “We offer two interfaces. Our customer interface is designed with the needs of customers in mind, as they can track existing packages, add new packages, print labels, and much more. The power to run their own warehouse. At the same time, companies that make home deliveries also have plenty of facilities.

The overall design of the software is very easy to use. You can find all the details at a glance and even automate tasks so you don’t add the same entry again and again. It also supports timed deliveries and also has the route optimization feature which allows the delivery person to find the best route to take to ensure that the package reaches its destination in a timely manner.

To ensure systematic dispatch, you can plan your rounds several days or even weeks in advance. You have to pay a monthly fee to use this software, but it had the potential to fully manage the delivery system and thus provide the best possible results.

About Deliveo

Company Name: Deliveo

Country: Hungary


Pricing: Deliveo offers a free trial. Their price starts from 129€ per month.

Deliveo Courier System Features

  • Barcode reading
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Customer database
  • Tracking delivery
  • Dispatch management
  • Printing label
  • Order entry
  • Routing
  • Scheduling

Benefits of Deliveo Courier System

Let’s see some benefits of Deliveo software courier system:

Faster and Efficient Delivery

Good route and driver management is the key to optimal delivery times and the more optimal the delivery times, the greater the profit. Setting everything up manually takes time and effort, and it’s natural for mistakes to happen.

With the fully automated process, you can free up your drivers, delight your customers and increase your profits.

Valuable Insight

The Deliveo delivery system allows you to access a wide range of information about your business’s vital processes. As your business grows, hires more drivers, and handles more deliveries, it’s easy to get lost in data, making it hard to draw profitable conclusions.

Deliveo can also work both manually and automatically, assigning tasks based on a set of pre-defined rules, reducing workload.

Inventory Management

If you have a warehouse to manage, Deliveo offers a dedicated warehouse and inventory management system, inventory and delivery tracking, and information about your products.

If something unexpected happens, Deliveo offers extensive logging capabilities, making it easy to track your transactions and identify what went wrong.

Finally, Deliveo also offers optional extended features, including a full customer interface, operator access, as well as plug-ins and accessories.

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Deliveo Courier System
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Deliveo Courier System
Deliveo is a courier management system that makes people’s life easier. In this software most of the tasks are automated. So, it increases efficiency level and decreases paperwork significantly.
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