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PraanTEA – the source of vitality

As all around the world, tea consumption is also popular in our country mostly because of its taste and enjoyment. Moreover, health maintenance is getting more and more attention nowadays where tea is playing a significant role. This drink is popular not only because of its taste but also because of its positive effects on health. In addition to contributing to natural hydration, it also plays a crucial role in maintaining health due to antioxidants. Furthermore, regular tea consumption helps reduce the risk of heart diseases and caries and it can boost overall memory. In order to enjoy drinking tea while benefiting from its positive effects on health, it is advised to consume teas of premium quality.

Discover the World of PraanTEA

The unique PraanTEA blendings contain natural, GMO, and gluten-free materials of high quality. Also, these blends are free from flavorings and additives. They have positive effects on the human body, regular consumption is beneficial for health. They contribute to detoxification, weight loss, boosting of brain functions, and increasing life expectancy. These premium teas unite the organoleptic and health maintaining effects. PraanTEA has eight special tea compositions which contain green and black teas but also yogurt and honey powders of different flavors, as well as, microwave vacuum dried fruits.

Quality teas with bioactive substances and superb taste

Most flavored tea blends found in stores contain both natural and artificial flavorings, which after opening and mixing with hot water gives a pleasant experience. Although the final tea gives a less rich experience since the flavors evaporate quite rapidly due to the hot water. Moreover, these flavorings are not considered healthy at all thus it is recommended to avoid these while drinking tea. As for this, most of the teas offered by shops are unfit to provide both exceptional enjoyment and health benefits.

As opposed to this, the health maintaining effects of the unique PraanTEA blends are scientifically proven. The different green, Darjeeling, and oolong teas contain bioactive substances such as yogurt or honey powder and also real fruits like strawberry, plum, peach, mango, pineapple, and raspberry. These materials make an optimal combination with the beneficial physiological effects. The flavoring materials added to the green, Darjeeling, and oolong teas are created during a unique process. Thanks to this, dried fruits of high aroma and flavor content and health maintaining yogurt and honey powder are added to the blends. These exclusive and very pleasant tasting teas get their fruity flavors without added aromas.

End Words

The scientifically designed PraanTEA blends have exceptional taste and enhanced health care effects. These significant characteristics make these blends unique internationally having guaranteed and scientifically proven health-enhancing effects. Furthermore, due to their special tasting, there is no need for further flavoring, sugar, or additives. It is recommended to drink tea daily and to discover the world of the special PraanTEA blends.

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PraanTEA – the source of vitality
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PraanTEA – the source of vitality
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