HATIL Furniture - A Success Story of a Brand

HATIL Furniture – A Success Story of a Bangladeshi Brand

A small timber industry becomes the most popular furniture brand in Bangladesh. Today I will talk about this brand success, HATIL Furniture – a success story of a Bangladeshi brand

Let’s see how they started their journey and what the secrets behind their brand success are.

When They Started Their Journey

HATIL furniture started its journey in the year 1963 as a small timber industry. Late Al-Haj Habibur Rahman established a company named H. A Timber Industries LTD in the year 1963 and this was the first footstep of the HATIL.

In the year 1993, HATIL rented 5000 square feet of space at Kuril, Dhaka, and started their first furniture factory. Due to the high demand for their furniture, HATIL rented another factory in 2003 in Shyampur Industrial Area, Dhaka.

This factory was not enough to supply the demand for HATIL’s products. The demand for HATIL’s products was increasing day by day and they started another 4 shades for furniture production in the Farashganj area, Dhaka.  

In the year 2006, HATIL started their factory on their own land which was 12 bighas in the Savar area. In the meantime, HATIL became a popular brand in Bangladesh and started several showrooms for selling furniture.

At present they have 2 factories in the area of 75 bighas of land.

HATIL furniture industries are equipped with state of art technology. Their types of machinery are from Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States.

All units of the factory are free from wood dust by the instigated dust collector system. As a result, the employees of the organization are working with ease. As a result, their health risks have decreased a lot. HATIL is currently operating one of the most modern wooden furniture factories in South Asia.

From the very beginning, HATIL provides high-quality and elegant designs to its consumers. They never compromise with the quality. Though their products’ prices are a little bit buy their consumers are always happy with their quality and design.

Not only the products’ quality and customers’ satisfaction, the management of HATIL always look after their employees.

HATIL is running schools for the employees’ children totally free so that children can be educated.

How HATIL Furniture is becoming the First Bangladeshi Global Brand

HATIL is practicing the Japanese quality management technique “Kaizen” since 2007 for providing the highest quality products to their customers.

HATIL became a champion in green operation for its success in meeting global environmental benchmarks and using eco-friendly materials for making products in the year 2013. The award was given by HSBC Bangladesh and The Daily Star.

In 2009 HATIL started making their furniture with imported oak wood and got an FSC certificate from Germany. FSC certificate proves that wood production is not harming the environment.

Gradually HATIL entered the export market. In the year 2013 HATIL started its first foreign outlet in Australia. In the same year, they started exporting furniture to the Middle East under a contract with the US furniture brand “Paul Roberts”. Now they are exporting their products to India, Nepal, Canada, the USA, Egypt, and many other countries.

Behind the Brand Success

There are several reasons for HATIL’s brand success. Here I’m sharing some points:

Diversified Portfolio

Hatil has always valued designing furniture according to the changing tastes of buyers over time. The Hatil product portfolio includes a wide range of furniture to meet the needs of consumers of different ages and classes. Moreover, the company is constantly trying to innovate by adding new furniture to its product portfolio. In addition to eye-catching designs, the company also keeps an eye on the quality of its handmade furniture, which further enhances the perception of the brand among buyers.

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Manufacturing Process

Hatil uses advanced technology moreover as old workers within the production method. Hatil’s production units are run by trendy CNC machines as well as AI and also the latest software. Exactitude cutting will be done because of software-based robotics technology, that doesn’t generate additional waste. The finishing of the furnishings is additionally quite perfect. Hatil follows the Lean producing process. During this process the corporate wastes quantity} amount of fabric whereas allocating resources and labor properly, manufacturing no extra price at any stage of the assembly process. As a result, the company is in a position to make sure the best quality in every one of its furnishings while being extremely efficient.

Technology Adaption

HATIL is always using modern technology in every aspect. They use software and other latest technology for its manufacturing unit, stock management, order, and delivery process. The company is also using AI and VR for its consumers.

Shopping Experience

The shopping experience is always very important for a brand’s success. HATIL opens many sales outlets across Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Australia, The USA, Canada, and The Middle East. You can also buy its products online. It is also running a virtual showroom for its consumers.


While other furniture brands are offering discounts and promotions, HATIL is focusing on consumers’ satisfaction. Its after-sales service is also world-class.

End Words

HATIL is operating 70 outlets in Bangladesh, 18 in India, 2 in Nepal, 1 in Bhutan. It is the first Bangladeshi global brand. Their yearly turnover is now some billion taka and it is growing day by day. Many other Bangladeshi companies are coming forward. Walton high tech industry is one of them. We wish all of them success. Hopefully, in the future, many other companies from Bangladesh will fly the Bangladeshi flag in the world.

HATIL Furniture - A Success Story of a Bangladeshi Brand
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HATIL Furniture - A Success Story of a Bangladeshi Brand
A small timber industry becomes the most popular furniture brand in Bangladesh. Today I will talk about this brand success, HATIL Furniture – a success story of a Bangladeshi brand
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