All About Cutout Pixels

All About Cutout Pixels

Cutout Pixels stands for pixels editing, photo editing, image editing, etc. But in this context, we are going to talk about a Bangladeshi international photo editing agency named Cutout Pixels.

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About Cutout Pixels

Cutout Pixels is a graphics design and photo cutout agency in Bangladesh. It started its journey in the year 2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

It offers a wide range of graphics design and photo editing services such as:

  • Clipping Path Service
  • Background Removal Service
  • E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service
  • Image Masking Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Car Photo Editing
  • Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching
  • Photo Restoration Service
  • 2D and 3D Floor Planning
  • Logo Design

Cutout Pixels has a highly skilled team where 150+ professionals are working under one roof.

It offers the highest quality, 24×7 service, 100% data security, a dedicated team for each customer, easy payment methods,  

About Its Services

Clipping Path Service

A clipping path serves as a path or shape that is utilized to conceal the areas of an object lying outside the defined path. When it comes to crafting intricate clipping paths, beyond simple paths, ellipses, or rectangles, a combination of diverse tactics and various tools can be employed.

Undoubtedly, the clipping path stands as an indispensable tool for e-commerce and online businesses, making it highly valuable. Its significance cannot be underestimated.

Given that the image background significantly influences the image’s quality, the clipping path service becomes instrumental in crafting captivating background images with clipped products seamlessly integrated.

Photographers also find the clipping path service intriguing, especially when contemplating photo montages or preparing their collections for public presentation. It offers them the means to achieve visually appealing and professionally edited images.

Cutout Pixels is a true expert in clipping path service. It has skilled professionals for clipping path service.

Background Removal Service

Background Removal is a graphic design service dedicated to handling the backgrounds of images. Whether for business purposes or social media, images play a paramount role in conveying our emotions and ideas effectively. By ensuring seamless background removal, this service empowers users to present their visual content with utmost clarity and impact, enhancing the overall communication and expression of their messages.

Indeed, the background removal service bestows images with a sense of relevance and authenticity. When photographs capture imperfections, or errors, or include undesirable elements like a cluttered background or unwanted individuals, the process of removing the background becomes invaluable. By eliminating these distractions, the image gains value and regains its focus, resulting in a more professional and polished appearance to the viewer’s eyes. This service enhances the overall visual appeal and ensures that the relevant elements stand out, making a positive and lasting impression on the audience.

Cutout Pixels is a distinguished graphic design agency specializing in background removal services. With years of expertise in this domain, the agency has earned the satisfaction and appreciation of thousands of customers. Their team of dedicated experts works diligently to ensure that your images are flawlessly finished, exuding the professional look you desire. By entrusting your visuals to Cutout Pixels, you can rest assured that your images will be handled with precision and skill, leaving you with a sense of contentment and a smile of satisfaction.

E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service

The core purpose of our e-commerce photo editing service is to deliver product photos of the utmost quality. Through expertise in eCommerce photo editing, Cutout Pixels instill professionalism into your product images, elevating your brand’s visual appeal. To gain a competitive edge over your rivals, embracing this service becomes imperative. It allows you to stay ahead of the competition and be more productive with your marketing strategy. Its team of experienced editors is fully prepared to provide you with the finest photo editing, ensuring that your product visuals leave a lasting impact on your audience and enhance your overall brand image.

Image Masking Service

The Image Masking service is a cutting-edge image editing technique used to separate a specific segment of a photo from the surrounding areas, where the borders or edges are not distinctly defined. It proves essential when altering the background of intricate images that cannot be easily achieved using regular Photoshop tools alone. Particularly, digital compositions featuring soft edges, translucent glass, and delicate elements like flowing hair greatly benefit from this process.

Cutout Pixels expert in Photoshop manipulation and image masking services, enabling the application of precise and seamless effects. With our mastery of these techniques, we can efficiently edit and enhance your images, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and visual appeal. Whether you require complex background removal or intricate retouching, our team is dedicated to delivering the finest results for your creative projects.

Photo Retouching Service

Indeed, not every photo turns out flawless after a photo shoot and unwanted or distracting elements can sometimes find their way into the images. That’s where photo retouching comes into play, serving as a transformative process that conceals flaws and imperfections, ultimately making the picture perfect. It involves the art of enhancing ordinary elements and elevating them to extraordinary levels.

For the best quality output, opting for photo retouching is essential. It allows the image to reach its full potential, making it truly awesome and surpassing the client’s initial vision. By embracing photo retouching, images can be transformed into works of art, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and fulfilling the desired aesthetic and storytelling goals.

Photo retouching is a post-production photo editing service where Cutout Pixels work diligently to clean, polish, and enhance the image, resulting in a more refined and captivating appearance. Unwanted elements are skillfully removed, and the final output is a visually stunning representation of the client’s expectations.

Car Photo Editing

Car photo editing services have a primary objective: to produce visually stunning and captivating images that effectively showcase the car’s features, enticing potential buyers. Through a combination of techniques like color enhancement, imperfection removal, and meticulous presentation, these services play a pivotal role in enhancing marketing and sales efforts for car dealerships, manufacturers, and automotive professionals.

By skillfully enhancing colors, the car’s appearance becomes more vibrant and appealing, capturing the attention of potential customers. The removal of imperfections ensures that the vehicle appears flawless and more attractive to prospective buyers. Moreover, the final presentation is carefully curated, creating a clean and professional look that elevates the car’s visual appeal and conveys a sense of premium quality.

By leveraging car photo editing services, automotive businesses can effectively present their products in the best possible light, increasing the likelihood of engaging potential buyers and bolstering overall sales and marketing success. These services empower the industry to make a powerful visual impact, leaving a lasting impression on their target audience and giving their brand a competitive edge in the market.

Cutout Pixels has skilled professionals to enhance your car photos to effectively present car images to potential customers.

Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching

Jewelry photo editing and retouching service encompass a series of techniques used to enhance and refine photographs of jewelry items. The process involves fine-tuning the image’s colors, brightness, contrast, and sharpness, and meticulously removing any imperfections or blemishes. The ultimate goal is to create visually captivating and top-notch jewelry images.

By adjusting various aspects of the image, the jewelry’s true beauty is brought to the forefront, making it look exceptionally stunning and alluring to potential customers or viewers. The edited images accurately represent the jewelry’s details, shine, and intricacies, ensuring a visual appeal that entices and captivates the audience.

The outcome of jewelry photo editing and retouching is a collection of high-quality images that present the jewelry items in the best possible light. These professionally edited jewelry photos by Cutout Pixels Visuals play a pivotal role in showcasing the elegance and craftsmanship of the jewelry, helping businesses attract and engage potential customers effectively. By presenting jewelry items in their most captivating and accurate form, jewelry photo editing and retouching services contribute to the success of jewelry brands and retailers in the competitive market.

Photo Restoration Service

Indeed, photo restoration service is a dedicated process that revolves around the repair and rejuvenation of old, damaged, or deteriorated photographs, aiming to bring them back to their original or even improved state. This specialized form of photo editing focuses on addressing both physical and digital damage, as well as preserving the image’s overall quality and integrity.

Photo restoration involves a range of techniques such as repairing tears, scratches, and creases, restoring faded colors, enhancing details, and eliminating discolorations or stains. Professional photo editors with specific expertise in photo restoration employ various tools and software to meticulously revive and enhance the original images.

The goal of photo restoration is to breathe new life into cherished memories captured in photographs, ensuring they can be cherished and appreciated for generations to come. By rescuing valuable visual heritage, photo restoration service plays a vital role in preserving the history and memories encapsulated in these images.

2D and 3D Floor Plan Service

A 2D floor plan is a two-dimensional representation of a property, providing a “flat” drawing that showcases the layout of rooms, walls, doors, windows, stairs, and other fixtures. These floor plans are typically created using AutoCAD or similar software, offering a topological view with no depth or height reference.

On the other hand, a 3D floor plan is drawn in three dimensions, encompassing length, width, and height. It presents a more realistic and detailed representation of the property, including intricate elements like walls, doors, windows, furniture, floors, and more. The 3D floor plan offers an aerial view of the property, allowing architects and designers to visualize and propose interior design changes more effectively.

While 2D floor plans are beneficial for understanding the layout and configuration of a property, 3D floor plans provide a more immersive and comprehensive view, helping professionals and clients alike to better grasp the spatial arrangement and aesthetics of the space. Both 2D and 3D floor plans serve essential purposes in the architectural and real estate industries, aiding in planning, design, and communication throughout the construction and interior design processes.

Cutout Pixels offers 2D and 3D floor plan services for the real estate industries and architect firms.

Logo Design

Logo design is the process of creating a unique and visually appealing symbol, mark, or emblem that represents a brand, company, organization, or individual. It is a crucial aspect of branding and plays a significant role in building brand recognition and identity.

A well-designed logo is simple, memorable, and versatile, making it easily recognizable across various platforms and mediums. It should effectively convey the values, personality, and essence of the entity it represents.

A successful logo has the power to communicate the brand’s message, establish credibility, and foster a strong connection with customers, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of the brand.

Cutout Pixels use a combination of typography, colors, shapes, and imagery to craft a logo that resonates with the target audience and leaves a lasting impression. The design process involves research, concept development, sketching, digital rendering, and refinement until the final logo is achieved.

End Words

Hundreds of happy customers are regularly working with Cutout Pixels for enhancing their photos, making their Logos, and other graphics design services. It is guaranteed that you will be happy also with Cutout Pixels.

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All About Cutout Pixels
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All About Cutout Pixels
Cutout Pixels stands for pixels editing, photo editing, image editing, etc. But in this context, we are going to talk about a Bangladeshi international photo editing agency named Cutout Pixels.
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