What Small Business can Boom in 2020 - 2030

What small business can boom in 2020-2030?

Every day thousands of people are looking for new business ideas that can boom in the future, especially many young entrepreneurs are searching keywords “What small business can boom in 2020-2030?” in Google.

Today I will share an idea, that can solve a social problem, low investment, low competition, and growing market.

Let’s jump into the deep:

Medical science is improving regularly. It already decreases the death percentage as well as the born percentage. Nowadays people are living for more years and becoming older and weaker.  Especially after the year 2000, senior citizens are increasing around the world.

Senior citizens are always respectable. When they become retired from their work, they feel lonely. From their loneliness, they become frustrated and facing some diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetic, blood pressure, etc.

When senior citizens are engaged in some hobbies like gardening, playing video games or bird watching can give them relief from the loneliness.

Hobbies, physical activities, social attachments, and nutritious food are key factors for living a long life.

The senior citizens need some special type of services.

I think this service business will boom in 2020-2030.

Let’s see what type of services required for senior citizens:

  • Senior citizens always need company.
  • They need a special type of nursing
  • Yoga practice
  • Golfing, Fishing, Snooker partner
  • Special travel package

You can start a business, that will provide these services. These businesses will grow more shortly.

Senior Citizens Need Company:

When senior citizens retire from their work, they become frustrated. At this time they require a company for gossiping, playing, etc. As they have earned a lot in their working life, they are ready to pay a good amount for getting the company.

You can offer a service that 3 days in a week and 2/3 hours a day, you will provide a person, who will give him/her company. Your person will gossip with him/her, can play chasse or cards, and can take him/her in a park and walk for a while.

Senior Citizens Need Special Nursing:

Many senior citizens are arthritis, heart or diabetic patient. They need massaging, checking blood pressure, blood sugar, etc on a regular basis.

Some senior citizens can’t cut their nails, hair, etc.

You can provide these services. You can hire some people; train them on massaging, blood pressure checking, blood sugar checking, nail and hair cutting.

You can make an offer that, your people will go to a senior citizen once a week. S/he will check customers’ blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. S/he will trim his/her nail, hair and give him/her a full body massage.

Many senior citizens are ready to buy these services, but service providers are not available.

Yoga Practice:

There are many small businesses offering yoga practice. But you should go to a specialized category.

You can provide yoga practice services for senior citizens.

Yoga helps to keep fit. That’s why many senior citizens are doing yoga practice regularly. But they are doing the practice with other younger people.

If you can offer yoga practice only for the senior citizens, it will be more attractive to them. Because this type of service can help to build their community. These type of community is very helpful in sharing their thoughts and knowledge.

Games/Hobbies Partner Service:

Most of the senior citizens have some hobbies like playing golf, snooker, fishing, etc. These types of hobbies keep them healthy physically and mentally. But the problem is when they play these games, most of the time they are alone. They couldn’t get the full enjoyment.

Many times they didn’t play due to unavailable of partners.

If they can get a partner, they can enjoy more with these hobbies.

You can provide them, partners. You can hire some people, train them. As per senior citizens’ requirements, these people will act.

Special Travel Package Offer for the Senior Citizens:

Many senior citizens love to travel. They have hobbies like photography or bird watching. For these hobbies, they need to go to many remote places. But many times they are not fully fit to go. They need helping hands to go to many places.

But the tour operators offer their packages considering the regular people. They don’t consider the special requirements of senior citizens.

Regular tour operators provide one guide for one tour package.

You can offer one guide for every 2/3 senior citizens. This guide will take care of them. The senior citizens will happy to pay an extra amount for this type of travel package offer.

How This Business Model Will Work?

This business model needs a lot of manpower. But this manpower will work as a part-time basis. So you need to hire the manpower for part-time.

This business model needs 3 different apps. One app is for the clients (senior citizens), another app is for the people who will work as a part-timer and the last app will communicate between these two apps.

You can target graduate students as the part-timer. They can provide these said services.

When any senior citizen needs these services, he will put his requirements in the app. Service providers can see the customers’ requirements. One of them (who wants to provide the service) will confirm the requirements.

Clients will put his requirements at least 2 days before the day, he required the service. Then service provider also is available.


As the senior citizens’ population percentage is growing day by day in every country, and they need many other services also. This market is growing. But the service providers are not much growth and the market is still very low competitive.

If an entrepreneur is interested in this market, he may get a big return from here.

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What Small Business can Boom in 2020-2030
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