Thinkific v/s Podia: Which one is a better choice

Thinkific v/s Podia: Which one is a better choice?

If you are looking for creating your first online course in 2021, you can choose between Thinkific and Podia. Do you want a quick summary and detail about Thinkific and Podia? We have a detailed comparison between the two online course selling platforms.

If you are looking for any of these questions and the points that are written above, then here we will answer all your questions.

Thinkific v/s Podia: Comparison Sheet

Here is a quick comparison sheet that helps you to have a quick idea about both Thinkific and Podia.

MembershipAvailable on Premium PlansAvailable
Type of PlatformCourse SellingAll-in-one Digital Selling
Video ConferencingYesNo
Transaction FeesNoNo
Email MarketingNoYes
VisitVisit ThinkificVisit Podia

Quick Overview: What are Thinkific and Podia?

What are Thinkific and Podia? Don’t you know what are they and what type of service they offer you? So, let’s know a brief detailed introduction or overview of them below.

About Thinkific

Thinkific one of the leading platforms that allows users to sell their online courses and earn money from them. It is a software platform where users can create, sell, market, and offer their online courses to people worldwide.

Thinkific has around 235 dedicated employees in their industry, represented more than 15 countries. The one best thing is that there are approx 50% of women are on the leadership team of the Thinkfic platform.

With Thinkific, you can host 100% of your media and video content for free.

The very first plan that they offer starts from $39 per month, and this is not all, you can also try their free plan for the test where you get limited and basic required basic features for your online business.

About Podia

Podia is another leading platform where you can sell your online course globally to visitors and people. The company is serving this service since 2014. Podia provide you everything you need to sell your online courses, memberships, webinars, and all. You don’t have to worry about back-end and technical issues because all this will be done by the support team for you.

Here are some services that Podia offers you, online courses, digital downloads, memberships, webinars, email marketing, website hosting, and live chat with your visitors.

The highlighted key point about Podia is that you are not charged any commission or transaction fee from your sale and income through your sale, plus you get free website migration, and a 30-Days moneyback guarantee if you don’t like their service.

Thinkific and Podia: What Features are Included?

Time to discuss the services and features that are provided by Thinkific and Podia. Well, they both are amazing and offer you the best-polished services that will help you to grow your online business. So, let’s look at the features of Thinkific and Podia.

Features of Thinkific

Here are the features of Thinkific that you need to know: –

  • They offer you a 99.9% of uptime guarantee.
  • The support team of Thinkific is available 24/7, which means you are getting 24/7 customer support.
  • You are allowed to make your course Private and Hidden.
  • Design your website and manage your content with drag and drop builder.
  • You are allowed to add your custom HTML and CSS codes if you are a developer.
  • You get the free plan to test some basic features.
  • 30-Days Money-back Guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

Features of Podia

We picked some features that you will like to know, are below: –

  • Free Website Migration allows you to transfer your website free to another hosting platform.
  • You can ask your queries via the live customer support team of Podia.
  • Includes Unlimited hosting, which means you don’t have to pay for hosting your website here.
  • Create a custom URL so to make your site your own.
  • You can connect Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more to integrate your online course business.
  • You can choose from 11 languages and 22 currencies to market and sell your product.

Plans and Pricing

We know now, what are Thinkific and Podia, what features they provide us. So, now it is time to know what plans and pricing they have. So, let’s check them.

Thinkific – Plans and Pricing

Thinkific offers you different plans where the very first plan is free for you to test their services. So, first of all, we will look at the table that shows plans and features included along with that plan, and after that, we will discuss those plans in detail, so here we go.

Full video and content hostingYesYesYes
Import Existing ContentYesYesYes

Free Plan: – The first free plan is like a test drive of Thinkific. You don’t have to pay money, you can test some of the basic features here.

Basic Plan: – The best plan for starters where you can create your first online course. The plan costs you $39 per month.

Pro Plan: – The most popular plan which is also recommended by Thinkific comes with premium features and costs you $79 per month.

Podia – Plans and Pricing

The best thing about Podia that we like is that they don’t confuse you by offering no. of plans. Yes, Podia offer you only 2 plans that are Mover and Shaker. So, please look at the table below and to have a quick idea of what you will get and after that, we will discuss these two plans in brief.

Unlimited Products & CustomersYesYes
Custom DomainAvailableAvailable
BlogNot AvailableAvailable
Third-Party Code SnippetsNoYes
Email MarketingYesYes
No Transaction FeesYesYes
  1. Mover: – The first plan is Mover, which costs you $39 per month, where you get the support of unlimited products and customers, email marketing, and all. This plan is best for the starters to launch their first digital products.
  2. Shaker: – The Shaker plan is best for those creators who want to grow their business and reach more audiences. The plan comes with all the premium features and costs you $79 per month.


Time to wrap up this content. But with our study and knowledge Podia is the best platform if you want an all-in-one platform. You get everything like dedicated membership features, email marketing, digital marketing, and all.

Whereas Thinkific focusses more on courses. If you want to create membership sites on Thinkific, then you have to purchase the premium plans of Thinkific.

So, if you are looking for membership and everything, then we surely recommend you Podia, and if you are comfortable with online course selling, then you can go with Thinkific.

At last, all we have to say that we tried to cover all basic topics that should be here, but if you have any suggestion or queries, then you can ask freely via your comments.

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Thinkific v/s Podia: Which one is a better choice
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If you are looking for creating your first online course in 2021, you can choose between Thinkific and Podia.
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