How to Get Ranked on Google

How to Get Ranked on Google with ease

A lot of bloggers and digital marketers every day search for how to get ranked on Google with ease. In this article, I will show you the steps to get ranked on Google with ease.

First of all, you have to understand how Google search consoles and bots are working.

Google wants to show the most relevant and the best content to the surfers. So, finding the right keywords and providing the best quality content is very important to get ranked.

Let’s jump into the deep:

Here are the steps to get ranked on Google:

  •          Audit the website that you want to get ranked
  •          Keywords research for finding the right keywords
  •          Creating high-quality and informative content
  •          Proper on-page optimization
  •          Building links for promoting your content

Audit the website

The website audit is very important for SEO. Without auditing the website, you can’t find the problems and errors of the site.

After auditing the site you should check the following results:

  •          Age of the site
  •          Domain authority
  •          Keywords on SERP
  •          Indexing issues
  •          Redirect links
  •          Traffic
  •          Competitors
  •          Backlinks profile

Age of the site

Site age is very important for SEO strategy. When you are working for a new site, your SEO strategy will be different from an old site’s SEO strategy.

New sites’ spam scores are naturally zero, whereas old sites’ spam scores may be high. On the other hand, old sites are trustworthy to Google. New sites are not that much trustworthy.

Trustworthy and spam scores both are important ranking factors.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is MOZ’s matrix. It depends on your backlinks profile. If you get links from high-authority sites, your domain authority will increase. When you will get links from high-authority sites, your site’s trustworthiness will increase to the search engines. The more trustworthy means are easy to get ranked on search engines.

Keywords on SERP

You have to check the keywords on SERP. If you find the target keywords on SERP, your SEO strategy will be different from the keywords that are not on SERP.

If the keywords are not on the SERP, you have to work on all the steps of SEO. On the other hand, if the keywords are on SERP, you have to check all the sites that are ranking on the 1st page of SERP and make the SEO strategy according to the 1st page’s sites.

Indexing Issues

Indexing issues play a vital role in search engine ranking. Without indexed, you will not get ranking. If your post or page doesn’t get indexed immediately, you should solve the issue.

The following reasons you may face indexing issues:

  •          No index tag
  •          Low-quality content
  •          Copy content
  •          Google Penalty
  •          No new posts or updates for a long time

Redirect Links

Redirect links are not good for SEO. You should remove all the redirect links and create new links. Removing redirect links may impact your traffic, but in the long run, it will give you good results.


You can get the number of traffic and their geo-location from the website audit report. If you find that you are not getting the targeted traffic that means you have done wrong off-page SEO.

For example, your target traffic is Japanese and you are building links from the UK sites, you will not get the conversion. You have to build links from the target country, same niche sites.


You should check your competitors’ ranking factors such as their backlinks profile, linking domains, on-page SEO works, content quality, etc. Competitors’ analysis will help you to create an accurate SEO strategy and get ranked on Google.

Backlinks Profile

Backlinks profile plays a vital role in Google ranking. You should create high-quality backlinks from the target country’s same niche websites.

Here high-quality means high authority, high traffic, low spam score website.

Keywords Research

Keywords research is a very important part of SEO ranking. When you are getting ranked with the wrong keywords, you will not get the conversion. It can make a huge loss for you.

For example, you are providing SEO service and your target traffic is from New York. You get ranked for the keywords SEO Course in India.

Those who are looking for the SEO service in New York, will not send any query for the keywords SEO course in India. So, you will not get any work from these keywords.

For getting conversions, you need to rank with the keywords SEO service in New York, SEO agencies in New York, or SEO expert in New York.

High-quality and Informative Content

It is said that content is the king. If the difficulty of your keywords is low and the content is very high quality and informative, you can easily get ranked with the content only.

Here high-quality content means grammatical mistake-free, easy to read, and understanding the content. The content should contain small paras, enough H2, H3 tags, FAQ section, video, images, and infographics.

On-page Optimization

This is the most important part of search engine optimization. Proper on-page optimization can ensure your ranking on Google. Here are some steps that you have to do in on-page optimization:

User Experience

The user experience of your website/webpage should be very good so that, traffic can easily visit your website. Load speed is one of the major parts of user experience.

Naturally, web surfers never wait over 3 seconds for loading a website. So, your website should load within 2.5 seconds for a better user experience.

Title Optimization

The optimized title is a part of on-page SEO. An optimized title should contain the focused key phrase. The optimized title length should be within 60 characters.

Meta Description Optimization

This is also a part of on-page SEO. An optimized Meta description length should be within 156 characters and it should contain the focused key phrase. Within the 156 characters, the Meta description should tell about the whole content.

Content Decoration

Decorated content is very helpful for traffic engagement. Nowadays people can’t read long stories. They also want to see the visual content such as relevant images, infographics, and videos. So, with a high-quality article, you should also provide visual content.

Image Optimization

Image optimization helps to get images ranking that can provide a lot of traffic which is a very important matrix to get ranked on Google.

Link Building

You have high-quality content, but traffic doesn’t know about your website. So, you will not get any traffic.

For getting traffic to your website, you need to promote your blog. Link building is the only way to promote the blog.

There are many ways to promote the blog such as content marketing, video marketing, audio marketing, image submission, infographic submission, PDF submission, social sharing, etc.

In all the above ways, you should insert your link to get traffic to your blog.

End Words

Google considers the quality of the content, user experience, and traffic engagement.  High-quality content is the key to getting ranked on Google. But if the traffic doesn’t visit your website, the Google bot will not understand the user experience and traffic engagement of the website. So, if you don’t build links, you will never get traffic and the Google bot will not get the results of user experience and traffic engagement.

So, for getting ranked on Google, you need high-quality, informative content, good user experience, and traffic engagement.

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How to Get Ranked on Google
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How to Get Ranked on Google
A lot of bloggers and digital marketers every day search for how to get ranked on Google with ease. In this article, I will show you the steps to get ranked on Google with ease.
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