How to get more traffic on landing page with PPC

How to get more traffic on landing page with PPC?

What’s in a webpage that doesn’t get traffic? Every day thousands of people are using PPC (Pay Per Click) for getting traffic to their websites. In this article, we will talk about how to get more traffic on the landing page with PPC.

The point behind content development and marketing is to attract more and more users and conversions. And PPC is an important tool for that. So, let’s understand what PPC is. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet-based advertisement strategy that aids to drive traffic to websites. The advertiser pays the platform or publisher (in principle, a search engine or a website owner) when the ad gets clicked.

Here are a few tricks and techniques listed to increase traffic on our landing page by using PPC:

  1. Make conversion with your existing emails.
  2. Your paid advertisement should be directly linked to the landing page (no re-direction).
  3. Landing Page should be optimized from the SEO point of view.
  4. Reach out to influencers.
  5. Re-purpose existing content.
  6. Harness the power of public relations.
  7. Fully use free features of social media to expand your reach.
  8. Don’t forget to add a courteous Thank you page.

Make conversion with your existing emails.

Assume – The traffic which you want to move on your website is the traffic you already know.

Your Target (Landing) page will lookup for new guests that don’t exist on your email records. At the point, when you make a landing page, it’s based on an email campaign that is focused on a portioned gathering of individuals. While new traffic discovers your point of arrival through different channels, you can drive current list subscribers to your landing page also. 

How can you do it?

You can make further sections of those lists utilizing labels in your robotized email showcasing the foundation of who you need to think about the page.

Your paid advertisement should directly link with the landing page (no re-direction)

There are various platforms for running your paid advertisement for your target (Landing) Page. You can have text promotions showing up over individuals’ inquiries on Google. 

Where would you be able to set up paid search advertisements? There are various platforms where you can execute them, yet among the most mainstream are Google Ads (previously known as AdWords). With Google Ads, there are a few different ways to bid for your promotions, contingent upon what makes a difference most to you and your business. Most promoters focus on views (for video advertisements) clicks, impressions, or conversions.

Landing Page should be optimized from SEO point of view

What is your essential objective for your Targeted (Landing) Page? Do you need your Landing page to rank in search or convert?

Likely both, yet for individuals to get to a conversion stage, they should have the option to discover your page. Do on-page of your website or that page that includes (page speed, Meta tags, Keywords optimized, etc.) helps you to improve the number of visitors to stay for a long time on page.

In any case, this can be a trickier methodology.

Customarily, a landing page isn’t loaded up with a great deal of text. Your Landing or Targeted page should convey a key message rapidly and get individuals to take action. Less the content methods, less opening of the door for catchphrases that can help enhance your page.

Reach out to influencers

Content shared by influencers gets in excess of 8 times the engagement rate the content shared straightforwardly from organizations? Assume that degree of attention for your targeted page. 

Influencer advertising works since individuals trust social verification. 

At the point when somebody shows that they trust an item, it consoles others that they can trust it too. 

If your landing page sells a particular, restricted time item, an influencer can impart their experience to it via web-based media.

Repurpose existing content

Repurposed content will be content that has been modified from its unique structure to serve an alternate showcasing objective. Repurposed content normally holds the message and centers thoughts of the first bit of content. You can repurpose content into an alternate configuration (for example changed from written to infographic or video) or re-examined to address the issues of an alternate different target audience.

Advantages of Repurposing content:

1.         It spares time on content creation.

2.         It causes you to arrive at new gatherings of individuals, such as including an area of content that interests an extra crowd like the individuals who you need to visit your targeted page. 

Harness the power of public relations

Your future clients aren’t the main individuals who could be interested in your landing page. Publications need content the same amount as you need clients, and the correct one can promote your targeting page.

Suppose that your landing page promotes a rich bit of gated content, similar to a research guide. You can pitch to distributions applicable to your industry to advance the research guide and incorporate a connection to the targeted page that it lives on.

Fully use free features of social media for your reach

  •         Social media is all over 
  •         A ton of traffic is on different platforms
  •        It’s allowed to join 
  •         Easy to use 

What’s more, you can utilize these online media to drive focus traffic to your landing page.

You can optimize a targeted page for SEO, but targeted pages aren’t known for ranking high. That is the reason stages like online media are incredible for getting the connection to your landing page in front of the right people.

Reward – on the off chance that you need to get significantly more from your web-based media, you can pay for advertisements to show up on various stages, like Facebook Ads. 

Don’t forget to add Thank you page

A thank-you page is a pleasant touch for any presentation page. You need individuals to finish your call-to-action and when they at last do, a little acknowledgment goes far to fabricate dedication. 

It’s likewise an incredible method to drive traffic to extra landing pages. A thank-you page isn’t just a spot to show gratefulness for new supporters or clients yet to share more valuable data that drives somebody to another helpful landing (targeted) page.

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How to get more traffic on landing page with PPC
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Every day thousands of people are using PPC (Pay Per Click) for getting traffic to their websites. In this article we will talk about how to get more traffic on landing page with PPC.
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