Online Reputation Repair Service

Online Reputation Repair Service

Repairing the damage and poor online reputation can bring back your business and consumers’ faith. Wes Upchurch is an expert in online reputation management and online reputation repair service. He can fix your brand image and win back customer confidence through online reviews and reputation management repair services.

Consumers are frequently using the internet to find new products or services or to research a company they are considering giving their money to. It is becoming more important for businesses to manage their online reputation. Having a bad online image can deter customers from purchasing your products or services. Many businesses are using online reputation repair services to get back consumers’ confidence and boost their online credibility.

Online reputation repair service companies counter negative online content, promote positive reviews and articles, and in some instances, help control crises. If you’re looking for an online reputation management service or online reputation repair service, this article will help you to know about the services offered and how to choose an online reputation management company. Let’s jump into the deep

What is Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a strategy that includes monitoring and molding a company’s online reputation. The online reputation management companies are using a variety of strategies for improving brand image, including search engine optimization, content development, management, and marketing, social media monitoring and management, review acquisition and management, third-party website monitoring, and competitor monitoring to maintain a positive image and grow customer’s confidence.

Why Businesses Need Online Reputation Management Service

You may run an eCommerce business or a great restaurant or a grocery shop, but that doesn’t mean your online reputation will be positive; this is where reputation management comes in. Most consumers turn to the internet to learn more about a company before they buy something. So it is important for your business to have a good and well online reputation.

A positive online reputation has several benefits for a company, including:

  • Increased word-of-mouth advertising. When you have a positive image, your existing customers will tell their friends and family about your business. The words spread about the great products and services that your company provides.
  • More profits. With increased consumer confidence in your company, you can see greater demand of your products or services, increased sales and profit which means more money in your pocket.  
  • Access to better talent. Employees want to work for the best companies. When your businesses are enjoying positive image, you will get top graduates to your company easily.

How Online Reputation Management Companies Work

Online reputation management includes the following works:

  • Search engine optimization and management. Search engine optimization (SEO) comprises optimizing online content so it ranks higher in popular search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, etc. Online reputation management companies use SEO so that consumers who are searching for the topics relating to your products or services, will be more likely to find you. Online reputation and repair management companies use high quality positive content to counter negative content.
  • Content development and management. You need high quality, informative, and unique content to rank well in search engines. Reputation management companies create new, high quality, and unique materials so your target audience can find positive results about you or your business right away.
  • Social media monitoring and management. Onlinereputation management companies monitor their client’s social media activities. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can grow your business or brand, it takes only one inappropriate picture or comment to cause a PR nightmare. Reputation management services can also control your company’s social media efforts by strategizing posts to get high engagement.
  • Review acquisition and management. There are many reputation management services that help businesses to acquire and manage online reviews. The reputation management companies develop some strategies that encourage consumers to write reviews. When people write good reviews, the company promotes them on sites like Google and Facebook. On the other hand when people write negative reviews, your business is notified so it can rectify the situation.
  • Third-party website monitoring.  Online reputation management and repair service companies are monitoring the internet to see what people are saying about your business. Your dissatisfied employees or consumers can write negative reviews online. Also it’s not difficult to create a new website or blog to disparage your company for a dissatisfied person.
  • Competitor monitoring. The online reputation management companies always monitor their client’s competitor. It helps to take proper strategy to boost your business online in terms of local search terms, social activity, online mentions, reviews and more.


How Much Time Require for Repairing Online Reputation

The length of the time required to fix a search result problem depends on the following issues:

  • Removal of negative online content: Naturally removal of a negative content from online takes 1 week. Most of the online contents cannot be removed, but when it can the timeframe varies. If not, it can take months and depends on many other factors. If there is something can’t be removed from Google or another search engines, the online reputation repair service companies will let you know in advance. 
  • Improve online reviews: Naturally it takes about two weeks to start to see online reviews improvement. Usually it takes one month for a big jump. Another factor that affects how long reviews take to improve is the starting point. If reviews began at one-star, it will take months to get to three or four-stars. 
  • Push down search results: Brands usually start to see results within three months. But it takes about ten to twelve months to push negative web content off the first pages of search results. It is an average. Very strong websites, blogs, etc. will need a long time on the other hand less known websites take less time.

The Cost of Online Reputation Management Service

Well, the cost of online reputation management and repair service depends on the strategy required for the specific company, organization, or individual. In the field of online reputation management service, most of the service provider companies offer customized services as per the requirement.

Most reputation management firms conduct an online analysis of your brand to determine which strategies will serve you the best. After this initial analysis, they prepare a cost estimate to implement the strategies. Prices can start from a few hundred and can go up to several thousand dollars per month. The cost of the online reputation repair service depends on the work required to repair and maintain your online image. You can also adjust ‒ adding or removing ‒ services as needed.

How Wes Upchurch Can Help to Repair Online Reputation

Wes Upchurch is the founder of It is an online reputation management company that helps companies, organizations, individuals to restore their reputation online so that they can gain meaningful employment and make a positive impact in their business. Wesley’s company works to establish its clients as experts in their fields while removing any trace of criminal history. He combines public relations, search engine optimization, social media management, and content marketing to re-brand convicts as professionals, giving them a second chance at life to boost their image.

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Online Reputation Repair Service
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Online Reputation Repair Service
Repairing the damage and poor online reputation can bring back your business and consumers’ faith. Wes Upchurch is an expert of online reputation management and online reputation repair service. He can fix your brand image and win back customer confidence through online reviews and reputation management repair service.
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