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934 – AH Filter – Things to Know

934 – AH filter is a microfiber glass filter. It is suitable for suspended solids. This filter can use for water filtering, air filtering, cell harvesting, and liquid scintillation counting. This filter also permits rapid passages of very large sample volumes without blockage for the collection of suspended solids.

This microfiber glass filter can withstand over 500 degrees Celsius. The grade 934 –Ah filter is widely used for laboratory and commercial purposes.

There are wide range of 934 – AH filter available in the market in respect of dimension and brand.

DSC brand 934 – Ah filters is one of the very popular and famous brands.

Feature and Benefits of 934 – AH Filter

  • Excellent practical retention
  • Binder-free, high-grade borosilicate glass microfiber
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • High loading capacity
  • Low fiber shading

Excellent Practical Retention

It allows for high practical retention efficiency when filtering a large volume.

Binder – Free, High – grade Borosilicate Glass Microfiber

You can use this filter up to 550 degree Celsius and this microfiber glass filter can easily handle this temperature.

Available in Wide Range of Sizes

You can find wide range of sizes of 934 – AH filter in the market. The dimension of the filter starts from 21 mm and ends to 320 mm.

High Loading Capacity

The 934 – AH filter is highly capable to handle very turbid streams processing.

Low Fiber Shading

It is made by high quality microfiber glass. Low fiber shading of it can improves quality assurance of test result.

Technical Data of 934 – AH Filter

Weight – 64 GSM

Thickness – 435 um

Practical Retention – 1.5

Filtration Speed (sec/100 ml) – 47

DOP penetration – 0.02%

Surface – Smooth

How the 934 – AH Filter Works

The 934 – AH filter meets the requirement under the latest edition of Standard Methods 2540D for determining the total suspended solids in water. It comes prewashed and pre weighted. Let’s see how the filter works:

Determination of Suspended Solids

After filtering, wash solids retained on the 934 – AH circle with distilled water and dry at 103 – 105 degrees Celsius temperature. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Determination of total Dissolve Solids

The total dissolves is collected, evaporated and dried to a constant weight at a specified temperature.

Determination of total Solids

Total solids is the sum of filterable and nonfilterable solids.

Determination of total Volatile Solids

Total volatile solids is a measure of how much organic matter is present in effluent and an indication of bacterial level. Measurement can be taken immediately after the total suspended solids determination.

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