Why You Need SEO for Your Website

Why You Need SEO For Your Website:

Do you ever feel why you need SEO for your website?
Yeah, today I will show you why you need to do SEO for your website and how you can earn money from that.
Every second around 40 million people are searching for their required subject in search engines. How many people are visiting your website each hour? Not enough!
You need to do SEO for your website.

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First let’s know about website and its importance.

What is the Website?

Website is a digital platform where you can sell your products, services or you can share your knowledge, ideas.

What is the Importance of Website?

It is very important to know the importance of the website. The web pages are just like our personal profile in the form of a home page on the internet. If you don’t visit it at least once every day, your online identity would not be able to succeed at being strong.

Importance of Website
Importance of Website

In the world of a personal profile, the most important thing is to find one’s place on the web by looking for certain requirements on a page. When we search for anything on the internet, our first search result is the title of the site that contains the keyword. Web pages are supposed to list a keyword on the title of the page. These results must be useful or a specific type of text.

The first page of a search result must contain words that are related to the searched thing, keyword, or word search. The second page must contain results of similar searches like a field to enter the keyword or a keyword field that includes the same words as the first page. After the keywords, the results are displayed according to relevancy and relevance.

Having an effective website is not enough; it is equally important to look for it on the web pages that have a lot of visitors that visit it each day. If there are visitors coming regularly to visit the site, the web page must be updated on a regular basis.

The goal is to maintain the visitor’s attention by giving value to it. The purpose of a web page is to attract the user’s attention and it must be done by giving relevant information. There are a lot of factors that determine how valuable a page is, like its functionality, website development, design, and usability. These factors are the main goals for web page promotion.

Websites designed by professionals using SEO keywords would naturally get ranked higher in the search engine. This would improve the conversion rate and the effectiveness of the website.

Users tend to feel more comfortable sharing the things they find interesting by visiting a site by other users rather than by searching for it on search engines. This is very important in building a relationship with others. A quality and effective website are also of value to a person in search of relevant information.

Why Website Is Important For Business?

Building a website is an important aspect of web development because it helps in generating traffic and making people aware of your business. If your website is not using the latest technologies, you are losing the chance to earn more profit. Let us explore why a website is important for business.

As per statistics, over four out of every five websites are running on Windows-based systems. These websites may not be known among regular visitors, but their clients are well-aware of their presence and targeted customers. You should develop a website that can get huge visitors from all over the world and would definitely make people aware of your services and products.

If you want to improve your marketing ability, you should create a website for your company. This would help in increasing your client base by thousands. When you run a website, you would also develop a captive audience and gain awareness about your services, products, and other related information.

Why Website Is Important For Small Businesses?

Starting a business can be an overwhelming task and you need to know why a website is important for small businesses. You want your website to be able to draw in customers from all around the world to get customers that will be loyal to your business. There are many things that you should consider before setting up your website. Here are some of the benefits of having a website.

Start building your customer base by building a website. This will allow you to advertise your products and services to anyone who wants to visit your site. As soon as they come in, they will know about your business. If you want to find out about what website marketing is, just do a search online for it. There are numerous books, guides, and training programs that are available to teach you how to get started.

Using the search engine is just another way to boost the presence of your website on the web. By maintaining a presence on Google and Yahoo, you will also gain more visitors to your website. The search engines have a lot of indexing and link popularity that you can achieve. This also helps in improving your presence on the World Wide Web.

Another reason why you should build a website is that it helps in making your site search engine friendly. In case you are not confident about your websites, you can contact web design companies that can guide you in building a website that can have Google content, Meta tags, and well-placed hyperlinks to increase your traffic.

Other than the SEO benefits, a website is also important for your search engine ranking. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are highly dynamic and they do not rank websites based on the type of your website but based on the content of your website. Another main reason for the existence of a website is that it helps in generating profit. The website is only an advertising medium and the purpose of using the web to promote your business is to earn more profit through targeted advertisements. In most cases, clients are willing to pay for advertisements if they are directed to their site.

Web publishing has made it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers and even prospect their employees. If you want to bring more customers and increase the sales for your business, you should be preparing for a website for your business. It is important to build a website to establish the brand name and to promote your brand image in a targeted manner.

Moreover, you should optimize your website to get maximum profits through targeted advertisements. A website can be optimized to get maximum profit.

You can even look at the mobile version of your website to enhance its relevance and reach your target market. There are many SEO tools that you can use to boost the visibility of your website on the internet.

Website development is important for your business and is a part of an internet marketing strategy. An effective website is one that attracts more visitors to your site and also gets people to know about your brand image. Your website should be considered as one of the essential parts of your marketing strategy. 

Technology changes day by day and new marketing techniques are coming through technology innovation 

Tips For Increase Traffic To Your Website

Social media marketing is the fastest way to gain new visitors to your website. The average internet user spends about six hours on the internet each day. If you have a website, it will be more than that if your site has a large social media following.

How to increase website traffic
How to increase website traffic

The one thing that you need to do is to add an attractive video or image to your top page and if you can, include links that can be viewed by people looking for your products. You also need to interact with the people that have decided to follow you.

Create a short bio and an easy to use the contact form that people can use in order to ask questions or offer information. This way they know that you are a real person and not just a corporation. People don’t want to waste their time looking for information online.

Create a blog that other websites will like to use. Use it to expand your influence online.

If you have a local business, try using it to advertise in your city. People will see your website and your business name and will think of you when they need help.

How You Can Gain Customers?

There are many ways to gain new customers for your business. Some of these ways are by having free offers for people who visit your website or give away merchandise. Make sure that you keep your guests happy and make them feel welcome before they decide to buy anything.

Help those who need it. These days people use social media networks to help find information that they might not be able to find themselves. When you help them, they will tell others about your website and what you are offering.

A helpful tip to increase traffic to your website is to post a blog or write articles about your industry. By sharing information and opinions, your site will become more informative and popular.

A great way to boost traffic is by using an affiliate program. All that you have to do is sign up with an affiliate program and create an account. Then, you can link up to other websites so that they can bring traffic to your site as well.

Sometimes a simple advert for your product can put people’s attention on your website. However, if you put the link in the footer of your webpage, it will be less visible to visitors.

As more social media marketers are using the Internet to promote their business, you will find yourself in a better position to increase traffic. More visitors mean more sales and more income for you.

The Advantages of Social Media Follow-Ups

When you first start out as a business owner, you may be wondering what the advantages of social media follow-ups are. Here, we will explore the many ways that business owners and entrepreneurs can utilize social media to their advantage.

Social Media Followers

Over the past few years, there has been a massive surge in the number of entrepreneurs that have built major companies or organizations. Some of the great examples of these businesses include eBay, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

These are all great resources for business owners to tap into because they allow them to keep in touch with current customers and subscribers. To be able to do this effectively is what makes social media such a powerful tool to implement in any business.

The ability to reach out to your existing customers and develop new customers is the most important benefit that you will be able to realize from having social media as part of your marketing plan. This allows you to identify those customers who are not even aware that you exist and help you market to them.


In addition to helping you reach out to your existing customers, it will allow you to increase the amount of traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate of your traffic into buyers. This will ultimately give you more revenue and more profits for your business.

In addition to having more success with your business and having more money coming in, you will also be able to continue growing the number of new customers for life because of the ability to connect with your existing customers. This allows you to do more things to attract new people to your business which can build up your customer base and loyalty.

Having a positive feedback loop is important for your business and once you have an opportunity to tap into this as part of your marketing plan, you will likely be able to create something different in the way that you market and promote your products and services. You will not only be able to have a better time creating new products, but you will also be able to reach out to a greater portion of your existing customers.

The many benefits of social media follow-ups will allow you to get closer to your customers and eventually more sales. The methods that you choose to do this will depend on the nature of your business, the products and services that you provide, and the type of audience that you are targeting.

There are many different ways that you can use social media to reach out to your customers and current clients. Once you understand what those methods are, then you will be able to be the best business owner that you can be.

With so many different methods available, you will likely want to take a few minutes to learn the various ways that you can gain new customers. By keeping an open mind about what different methods that you may be able to use, you will be able to implement the ones that are most beneficial to your business and your goals.

The great thing about social media is that you do not have to have hundreds of thousands of followers to get attention. The simple act of being able to connect with your current customers will help you expand your business and help you become the success that you desire.

How you can Generate More Traffic and Sales Leads to Your Website?

SEO is the best way to get organic traffic. Only an SEO expert can generate more traffic and sales leads to your website.

What is SEO:

What Is SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. When we search for anything in the search engine, search engines show us 10 results on each page. Naturally, we visit those sites who are ranking in the top five on the 1st page of the search engine.

Getting the ranking of keywords on the 1st page of search engines called SEO.
Now, you can get the ranking on the 1st page in two ways. One is paid and another is organic.
Paid SEO is very easy. Just pay the advertisement amount to the search engine which you like, they will show your keywords on the top for certain days when ads are running.
But paid SEO doesn’t get as much traffic as organic SEO. 

Organic SEO:

Organic SEO is also search engine optimization but in an organic way. This will give your keywords long time ranking, more traffic and more traffic obviously gives you more revenue.
Let’s talk about why SEO is important for your online success or why you need SEO for your website.

  • Branding your website.
  • Getting more traffic.
  • SEO will make your website more reliable to visitors.
  • Increase your click ratio.
  • Better user experience
  • Impacts on sales
  • Always being updated
  • Understand the online environment
  • Cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Open the new opportunity
Branding Your Website:

Branding sounds a conventional marketing term. But when you step in the digital world, SEO is the key to brand your website. When visitors search keywords in the search engine and search engine shows your site on the 1st page, it gives your site a brand value to the traffic. 

Getting More Traffic:
Ranking on the Top Page in 2020
Ranking on the Top Page in 2020

What is the reason to make a website? Obviously getting traffic. Major portion traffic visit websites through keywords search in the search engines.
So, you have no option but to get the traffic from search engines. All the traffic visits those sites which are showing on the 1st page of the search engines.
If you want more traffic to visit your website, you have no other options without search engine optimization. For each keyword, SEO can give your website a big amount of traffic. It can be a big revenue source for you. 

SEO will make your website more reliable to visitors:

When you are looking for something, it may be any product, service, knowledge sharing, or anything else you are searching on Google. Because you rely on the search results.
Now think, anyone, searching a keyword and search engine shows your website on the 1st page, that person definitely rely on your website.
This is the way SEO can make your website reliable to the traffic. 

Increase Click Ratio:

When any visitor visits your website through keywords search that means the visitor definitely will read your article or will see your products, services. But when visitors come to your website through any campaign, they may not interested in your article, products, or services.
In this way, SEO increases your website click ratio. 

Better User Experience:

SEO always gives your website better user experience. SEO is a very big subject. It has many branches and the technical part of SEO will make your website a better user experience. Your website will be mobile-friendly, more speedy and the traffic will be active on your page after doing SEO. 

Your website will be mobile-friendly, more speedy and the traffic will be active on your page after doing SEO. For this, you have to need a better hosting to load your page fast. siteground is cost-effective and provide SSD hosting, want to know about more check in-depth siteground reviews and load your website 2x faster.

When traffics getting better user experience on the website, they expend more time there and it will make your website valuable to the search engines. 

Impacts On Sales:

SEO can give you a very big boost to your sales. When any person finds your website on the 1st page of the search engine, s/he definitely relies on your page. Relies on a website makes sales boost of your products, services.
If your website is about a blog then traffic will keep visiting your site and that can boost your revenue. 

Always Being Updates:

SEO always makes you updated on the online platform as like all other marketing tools.
All marketing tools of conventional marketing make you updated about the market trends, consumers’ demand, new products, new ideas, and obviously your competitors.
SEO is one of the major marketing tools for online platforms. In all online platforms, you need SEO to keep you on the top. These tools always make you updated about online platforms, competitors, search trends, traffic analytics, traffic demand, etc.
When you are being updated you can always make the right decision about your products, services, or blogs. Your traffic will get a new taste from you, which may bring you more traffic. 

Understand Online Environment:     

Always remember, the conventional market and online market/platform are not the same. The online market/platform is very fluctuating. If you are an online businessman or activist or blogger, you always need to understand the environment. You will get this opportunity by doing SEO.
As SEO is a combination of research, planning, and action tools, it always makes you understand the online environment. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy:

Nowadays what we are not doing for achieving our sales target. We are using many tools for making the right marketing strategy for both conventional and online fields. All the tools required a big investment. Among all online platform marketing tools, SEO is the most cost-effective though it requires a big investment at a time.
SEO gives the longest time benefits considering other online marketing tools. It also gives you analytical data, technical updates, and offline activities, all in one solution.

How You Can Do SEO in 2020?

SEO is research work. It has no settled path. Here I am showing you how you can get ranking on the top faster in 2020.

Let’s see how you can rank on the top.

How Search Engine Algorithm Works for Ranking Keywords?

In the 2020 search engine find informative articles. It sees article quality. If your article is enough informative and unique, then there is a big chance to rank your keywords on the top. 

Voice search is active on search engine and almost 32% traffic is now using voice search. Can voice search find your article or blog? If yes, then it is a high chance to rank.

How is your traffic engagement? If it is good as a newborn, then you can rank in an easy way.

How much different language traffic can understand your article language?  If it is easy to understand to many different language traffic, then it is great.

How You Can Rank on the 1st Page of Search Engine?

Write a unique and informative article

If your article is good and enough informative then you can easily rank on the 1st page of the search engine.

Try to elaborate on your article. There is no minimum or maximum word requirement. But try to make the article at least 3000+ words.

Try to make the article in question/answering way. It will help you a lot. Because search engines like Google try to find out what people want to know from the search engines and they want to answer that question from their database.

If your article head tags are questions and content answers, then it is a high chance to take your content on the front.

You can add the FAQ section to your article. It will be a very helpful trick for ranking.

Voice Search

Voice search has become very popular and it is growing. 32% of Google searches are now doing by voice search. By 2025 it will be above 50%. If your article does not have any audio or video content then the search engines can’t find your article in voice search.

You are losing 32% search possibilities. You need an audio or video content in your article. So that, voice search can find your article.

Traffic Engagement

Traffic engagement is very important for ranking. The search engine always tries to understand that is the article helpful for traffic. They see how much traffic daily visit your site and how many times they stay there.  

For a new website, it is not possible to get organic traffic, when you are not Neil Patel or backlinko. In this case, you have to do enough digital marketing of your blog or website.

Social media platforms are the best places for marketing your blogs and articles. Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms are the most visited and the traffic engaged platforms in the world.

So, if you share your knowledge, views, images, videos, and links in social platforms and your knowledge is important to the people. They will visit your website and spend time there.

This will help you to rank on.

Article Readability

When your article is in English, Bangla, or any other language, you can’t accept that many people can understand your article.

Google always try to show you the native language article. If your blog has a translator, your article can read all native language people.

You can install a translator plugin for your blog. It is tasted and can help to rank you.

If you follow the above steps properly, your keywords will rank without any backlinks.

Is Backlink Still Valuable in 2020?

Yeah, the backlink is still valuable but it is not for DA PA. The search engine doesn’t follow DA PA. Even they don’t give any recognition DA and PA.

Backlinks are valuable because many traffic come through backlinks.  The search engines just follow how traffic comes to the website.

So, don’t think about Do Follow or No Follow links. Just ensure traffic click on your URL, visit your website, and spend a few times there. That’s it.

Why we are Doing Backlinks?

Most people are doing backlinks for improving the site’s authority. But the search engine does not give any recognition to the site’s authority.

I do backlinks for increasing traffic. If you have so many backlinks to so many sites, you can get a lot of traffic from many places.

The more you can get traffic and their engagement, the more possibilities to get ranking on the top.

Open The New Opportunity:      

SEO always gives you new opportunities. When your keywords are showing on the 1st page of the search engines, you will get huge traffic. This huge traffic will boost your revenue.
If your website is an e-commerce site, you can earn a lot from affiliate programs, ads, etc.
When your website is a blog site then also you can earn a lot from affiliate sales, ads, link sales, writing, etc.
All the above avenues will be open when your keywords will rank on the 1st page of the search engines. These avenues will be a very big source of your revenue.
The above 10 are the key reasons for doing SEO is important for your online success.


Which platform is the best for making an SEO friendly website?

Well, all platforms are good for SEO, but WordPress is easy and user friendly.

Do you think SEO is very costly?

SEO is not costly, it is an investment.

How can I hire an SEO expert?

There are many online platforms for hiring an SEO expert. You can also post your SEO job work at [email protected]

Can I earn enough money after doing SEO of my website?

Yeah, you can earn enough money after doing SEO of your website.

Do you think social media is enough for building traffic funnel?

Only social media is not a good idea for building traffic funnel.

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