Top 5 Freelance Business Tips that Never been Shared

Top 5 Freelance Business Tips that Never been Shared

Freelancing business is one of the best business models for solopreneurs. If you do right, you can’t even think about how much you can earn using this business model. In this article, I will show you the top 5 freelance business tips that have never been shared.

But, 90% of people come in freelancing just because they think it’s an overnight get-rich scheme and can make money sitting in their bedroom without any hustle.

They think there is no boss, no deadlines, no boundness, no hurdles, and so on. But the reality is absolutely the opposite.

Here I don’t mean you will need to struggle a lot, but yes, you will have to give some strong efforts to cope with at the beginning of your freelance journey.

Whether you are a newbie or already entered this industry and want to grow your business; this article will help you a lot.

This article will share the top 5 tips for a freelance business with you that can skyrocket your business.

Before checking out these tips, I would like to recommend you to create a freelance profile on freelance websites if you are new at freelancing.

Tip 1: Set up a proper team

Every business requires a team! Freelancing is also a business so that you will need to build an excellent team to run your business smoothly.

I am not talking about the in-house team; it’s a virtual team.

Tie up with the person in your niche who is providing similar services at a lower price than yours or a similar price like yours.

It would be best if your teammates belong to your country.

Just let them know when you are overloaded with projects, you can provide them orders.

It is the most important part of freelancing that you have to deliver projects on time without compromising quality.

When you work hard, you will definitely get projects, but working hard will not help you manage your projects; you will need to work smartly.

If you can build a successful team, you can remotely run your business without putting in so much effort. But, it will take time like 6-12 months, even 2-3 years for a highly competitive niche.

After building a loyal and effective team, all you need to promote your business is like a Pro.

Tip 2: Promote your business like a pro

Promotional activity is the pillar of any business that never can be ignored.

Here I am not talking about spamming; pro-level promotions take time, so bear in mind that creating a freelance profile and bombarding it to social media will not generate sales.

According to your niche and your effort’s capabilities, choose one or two channels to promote your freelance business.

YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are common platforms for every niche. So, in this article, we will discuss these platforms.


The second biggest search engine in this world by 2020 is YouTube, so it can be one of your sources from where you can generate sales.

All you need to create a YouTube channel first, then start promoting your business by uploading videos.

Remember, you should know the techniques on how to plug promotional offers in videos. Because over promotion doesn’t work also.

Create educational videos in your niche and tell your audience that you provide related services at the end of your videos.

Show off yourself being natural to your audience so that they can consider you a pro in this industry.

When they are influenced by you, they will be your loyal customer.


The social media where the most spamming happens is Facebook. So, be careful that your activity is either adding the number in the spammer list or adding value to your targeted audience.

To be on the safe side, you should select the top 5 groups in your niche from 10k members to 100k+ members to be active regularly.

Follow 80/20 rules to promote your business in those groups.

You should publish 80% of your content that helps others and 20% of your content that promotes your services.

Interact with each member who comments on your post and be with them like you know them personally.

It helps to build networks and credibility in your industry.


The highly targeted professionals’ platform is LinkedIn. In the previous section, I mentioned building a team. Through this platform, either you can invite people to your team, or you can join others’ teams.

Choose a prominent topic in your industry and get into it very deeply.

Research each point of your selected topic and share your experience on your LinkedIn profile.

Publish a post on LinkedIn daily so that the people in your connection will get to know you.

As many people know, opportunities will be created for you.

Tip 3: Be loyal in every situation

Loyalty is necessary for both your clients as well as the platform you are working on.

In a few niches, especially logo designing and content writing, you should be at your higher peak of loyalty and honesty.

People do copy-paste jobs while writing content for clients and sell the same logo concept to so many people.

If your clients ask for a rewriting service or redesign service, then it’s ok to serve, but just for the sake of saving your time, you should not resell the logo or article by just spinning the content.

If you get big-budget clients, stay on the platform, and never trick them into paying you outside the platform.

It may risk you losing both your money as well as your freelance profile.

Always keep yourself updated with the policy of the platform you are working on.

Tip 4: Create and add values

It is not 2000-2010 where the competition in the freelance business was almost zero.

Now the same service with the same or even at low prices, many people offer a client.

So, why will a client choose you rather than your competitors?

It’s the value you are adding to the services. 99% of people don’t buy products; they buy the benefits of the product they will get.

So, it doesn’t matter what you are offering; it matters what they will get after taking your service.

Adding value more than your competitors in your service can stand out your services from the crowd.

Tip 5: Build returning clients’ base

During your freelance business’s promotional activity, you should not directly take your client to your freelance profile page.

Create a landing page using a google form or MailChimp for free.

Take your clients from social media to the landing page and ask for their email and contact details such as name and number.

Whether they hire you or not, you can nurture them in the future with the help of these contact details.

Send them emails every month, offering them different packages to keep coming back to you.



The freelancing business takes more effort than a 9-5 easy job.

In freelancing, every client will be your boss, and you will have to obey them, manage them, and pursue them in every situation.

A team is a must need for a successful freelance journey. Build a freelance team using a LinkedIn profile, or you can join a team to make extra money.

Be regular on LinkedIn so that the people in your connection will be inspired by you and will convert easily into your loyal customer.

Create value in your services so that your clients will come back to you and will be with you for a long time.

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Top 5 Freelance Business Tips that Never been Shared
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Top 5 Freelance Business Tips that Never been Shared
Freelancing business is one of the best business models for solopreneurs. If you do right, you can't even think about how much you can earn using this business model.
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